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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bingo Dauber Gone Wild

This is what happens when the bingo dauber your child likes to use for artwork decides to break. JT declared a loud "Oh no!",so I came to the table and found a large puddle of blue ink all over the floor and JT's hands. John whisked JT to the shower to remove part of his Halloween costume which he was playing it and VERY white.

We managed to get the costume off and scrub off the few spots of dye that landed on it. JT had a nice LONG shower with lots of scrubbing to correct the smurf hands. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Bag

   JT just finished his first grading period for school- 9 weeks have passed. In this past week, kindergarten has really stepped up in a few areas, one of them being reading. Yes, reading! JT is slowly starting to learn a few sight words and recently has been quite obsessed with all of the letter sounds and trying to form words or figure out how to spell based on their sounds. " Zzzzz. Zac. Can I spell Zac with a C or a K, Mommy?" I'm loving this stage and what a sponge JT is right now.

 This week, JT's clas started bringing home their individual book bags. It's a large ziploc baggie with their names and 2 reading books from their program that is appropriate for their development. These are JT's first two books.

 We can keep the books overnight or for several days and read together.

 Excerpt from Walking in the Forest. JT can recongize a few of the smaller "words" and we let him read those words to us, the other words we read slowly. JT is able to use visual clues to figure out some of the words.

 An excerpt from The Fawn. 

After we read the books, we enter them on the Reading Log. JT brought some new books home today and is so excited to read his new books this weekend.