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Friday, December 28, 2012

More Fiddle Ostrich

     As the Christmas season is now over, I wanted to share with you a few more highlights of Fiddle Ostrich's antics. JT misses him already and asks every morning, "Where is Fiddle Ostrich?" Since he won't be back for another 11 months, that will give me plenty of time to figure out (and search Pinterest) for ideas.

Fiddle Ostrich hanging out in the grandfather clock that JT's great-grandfather made.

Fiddle Ostrich also made a snowman in our village.

Just hanging out.

Zip line in the kitchen!

Took the zip line idea to JT's bedroom several days later, but holding on to a little Monster Truck. JT loved how Fiddle Ostrich was going toward the tree, not so thrilled (at first) that one of his trucks was being used. He was under the impression that this truck would be gone forever and F.O. would take him back to the North Pole at night. After explaining he was just playing with it and would return it to JT, he loved it!

     I'll have one more Fiddle Ostrich post to make- his final day on Christmas Eve. John and I had some extra fun on that day which involved all the kids. Hope to post it soon after I upload the video and edit the photos.

Special Plates with Sweet Treats

     For Christmas gifts for the families that I babysit for, I thought I would try a Pinterest idea and make some hand/feet wreath plates. All of my little friends cooperated perfectly and we made the plates easily.

 Perhaps not quite as ideal as the example, but they were made with love. From top left going clockwise- Finn&Sam, Mason, Ella, and JT.

Then later on that night, I baked and baked some more. I filled the plates with 3 different treats. I'll include the links to make these delicious items in case your mouth is watering. Cinnamon Sugar PretzelsSalted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies, and S'mores Cracker Candy. Our family loved the S'mores Cracker Candy so much, that I made another batch for our Christmas celebration.
I didn't tell any of the families about what was hiding under their treats as to surprise them with their sweet children's prints. I imagine they enjoyed all aspects of this little gift.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa Face

     Thanks to being super busy this Christmas season, the Apedaile6 readers will have an extended Holiday season as I try to catch up with posts.

 This day, the kiddos made some adorable Santa faces. I had already completed step 1 with individual hand prints on the blue paper. I had cut some other needed shapes to complete the project.

 Ella "pat patting" Santa's face down.

All of the other Santa parts were put in place- hat and trim.

Finn and JT then drew their faces for Santa.

Happy Santa!

 Then, everyone put the finishing touches on Santa's beard.

Ella and Mason thought Santa needed an extra full beard and painted all over his face.

JT and Finn painting their beards.

Santa Faces!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Candy Canes

 Some more Christmas art- fingerprint Candy Canes.  For this craft, I made a color by dots template for the kids to follow.

 The older boys understood what to do and did a beautiful job.

 No post is complete until I add a pic of JT sticking his tongue out while working.

 JT and his candy cane.

 Finn showing off his candy cane.

 I surprised the boys at the end with some real mini candy canes to enjoy.

 Intent licking.

 JT had the whole mouth approach.

 Mason and Ella needed a bit of guided help. They were happy to dot across the page though :)

 Ella's candy cane.

Mason's candy cane along with a cheesy smile.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Q-Tip Art

     Time for some more Christmas art! This time another version of the Christmas Tree. This time, the kiddos decorated their trees with various colors and q-tips.

 All that was needed- triangle trees, paints, and q-tips.*Also plenty of newspaper to protect the table.

 Ella and Mason ready to make their tree full of ornaments.

 Ella making quick work with double handed Q-Tips.

 JT and Finn busy decorating their trees.

 Focused with using the red paint.

 Concentrating even more with sticking that tongue out- cracks me up!

 Finn worked on the bottom and top of his tree.

Ella admiring her creation.

Mason all smiles like usual.

 Finn's finished tree.

JT's tree- heavy use of the red as you can see near the bottom.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homemade paint & Cookie Cutter artwork

     In getting creative with art time with the kiddos, I decided to try making my own paint to use. Thanks to Pinterest, I found this "puffy paint" recipe here.

 All of the paint ingredients- salt, flour, water, and food coloring. I also purchased squeeze bottles at the store for around $1 to hold the paint.

 Simply mix 1 cup salt, flour, and water.

 I poured the mixture into the bottles and added food coloring.

 Shake it up and voila-Puffy paint!

 Ready for some fun Christmas artwork.

 Mason and Ella were ready to make some art.

 Mason loved to dip into the paint after every stamp.

 Ella using the candy cane.

Trees, gingerbread men, and candy canes abound!

Mason enjoyed using the candy cane after Ella was finished.

 No artwork post would be complete without a picture of JT sticking his tongue out while working.

 Finn carefully placing his cookie cutter in the perfect spot.

 JT pushing down to ensure a perfect stamp.

Happily stamping lots of trees! The older boys did several pages of stamping since they were having so much fun.

One of Finn's finished pieces.

 JT and his artwork.

     The paint worked well overall, but a few things to note. The colors faded as they dried, so make sure the color is super saturated when making the paint. Also, since it is made with salt, the kids were often brushing off their hands when making their art. Think of playing in a sandbox- it was a similar feel to that. Not a big deal, but be prepared for a good vacuum, sweep, or mopping afterward.Or just do the activity outside ;) I'll use the paint again, but I'm on the hunt for  a traditional, smooth paint recipe.