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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homemade paint & Cookie Cutter artwork

     In getting creative with art time with the kiddos, I decided to try making my own paint to use. Thanks to Pinterest, I found this "puffy paint" recipe here.

 All of the paint ingredients- salt, flour, water, and food coloring. I also purchased squeeze bottles at the store for around $1 to hold the paint.

 Simply mix 1 cup salt, flour, and water.

 I poured the mixture into the bottles and added food coloring.

 Shake it up and voila-Puffy paint!

 Ready for some fun Christmas artwork.

 Mason and Ella were ready to make some art.

 Mason loved to dip into the paint after every stamp.

 Ella using the candy cane.

Trees, gingerbread men, and candy canes abound!

Mason enjoyed using the candy cane after Ella was finished.

 No artwork post would be complete without a picture of JT sticking his tongue out while working.

 Finn carefully placing his cookie cutter in the perfect spot.

 JT pushing down to ensure a perfect stamp.

Happily stamping lots of trees! The older boys did several pages of stamping since they were having so much fun.

One of Finn's finished pieces.

 JT and his artwork.

     The paint worked well overall, but a few things to note. The colors faded as they dried, so make sure the color is super saturated when making the paint. Also, since it is made with salt, the kids were often brushing off their hands when making their art. Think of playing in a sandbox- it was a similar feel to that. Not a big deal, but be prepared for a good vacuum, sweep, or mopping afterward.Or just do the activity outside ;) I'll use the paint again, but I'm on the hunt for  a traditional, smooth paint recipe.

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