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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nativity Scene- JT Style

     In decorating for Christmas, we brought out our largish Nativity set. It fits perfectly on a side table in our front room. JT loves the set and will often rearrange the figurines or talk about who is who.

     Then there are times when the Nativity set is the perfect stage for playing. Case in point....

The manger is the perfect spot for JT's cars to play! Baby Jesus clearly knew the importance and kindly moved outside. I also love the ladder/car ramp that is leading to the donkey that the blue car is taking.

JT posing with his car set. I did explain that cars, trucks, and trains aren't to be driven in the manger anymore . JT has done a good job since then and the cars drive around the Wise Men and observe Jesus with them ;)

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