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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shepard's Breakfast

     This past weekend, our church held a special event for the preschool kids for the Christmas Season. It's called Shepard's Breakfast. It's a family focused event where we get to fellowship with families over breakfast, make a craft, be generous in giving of gifts, and hear the story of Jesus' birth. It was a wonderful time and JT had lots of fun.

We started out with breakfast. Chick-fil-A mini chicken biscuits, fruit, donut holes, and a drink. JT was especially happy with the donut holes being served.

After breakfast, it was craft time. Each child got a large bag with all the items inside and instructions printed on the bag.

It was a perfect craft for JT since it needed lots of glue.

John helping JT set up for the next step.

I also took a turn helping JT work on his craft.

The finished project! A Manger Scene Door Hanger decoration.

After making the craft, it was time to make some gifts for elderly people who live in a local nursing home. Each family brought items from a suggested list the church provided. During this activity, JT decorated the bags and we filled them up with goodies.

JT had a great time stamping and placing stickers on the bags.

JT and I had fun filling the bags up with needed items and tasty treats.

After we had filled the bags, JT took his gifts and placed them by the tree so they could be delivered later that day. It was a fun morning learning about how this season is about being generous to others and how we received the greatest gift of all when Christ was born.

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