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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Rings

     Our family has been enjoy the Winter Olympics the past week and a half. Most evenings after dinner, we have cheered on Team USA through the various events. JT has even embraced the spirit and been very enthuastic when we watch. Loud screams of "Go USA!!!" and even knowing to watch the lower corner of the screen to see "what number" the U.S. Flag was currently in after an athlete made their run.

     I decided to use this once in every 2 years event into one of our art projects.

     Any guess what we might be making? I told JT we would be making the Olympic Rings for art and we had a discussion and a near argument if it was rings or straight lines as JT insisted.

Time to do a quick Google search to end the discussion. Though we weren't making replicas, I wanted to embrace the ring aspect. JT finally agreed and we moved on to the creating.

We used toilet paper rolls for the rings and we had each of the Olympic colors represented.

JT started off with a liner design with green.

Ella started with yellow and was a bit more random in her placement.

Mason wanted red and made close lines of circles.

Then it got more abstract with the layering of colors and rings.

Ella enjoyed adding more rings.

Mason had a knack for placing his rings right on top of each other.

Olympic Pride.

Go Team USA Sochi 2014!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Love You

We are a family who expresses their love for one another often. One thing the Apedaile crew does, is the "I love you" sign. JT has had various unique versions over the years, but he has nearly mastered the technique.

Step 1- use the other hand to make those pesky middle fingers stay down.

Step 2- Giggle fest when the fingers want to keep popping up instead of staying down.

Step 3- Nearly there! Just the pinky finger doesn't want to stay up without some help.

Step 4- Success! A beautiful I Love You sign. Though JT needs to work on his eye contact with the camera;)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love you to pieces

Today is Valentine's Day and we decided to make some art for our families to show our love.

I prepared the paper and the boys started gluing. JT had a friend over for some playtime and he joined in on the fun.

After starting with the glue stick, JT asked to use the liquid glue for the outline.

Even Ella applied her own glue!

The kids then took pieces of construction paper and filled their hearts up.

Ella carefully placed each piece of paper in her design.

Our youngest friend, Parker, wanted to make this for his family.

He had a blast flinging paper everywhere and patting his pieces to the heart.

JT decided to add some wings to the top of his heart. I guess his love is flying high;)

Snapping a photo of all 4 kids proved to be a challenge. I managed to get all 4 with their eyes closed/looking down.

This was the best result  with everyone looking at the camera. They love their families to pieces. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Milestone Birthdays

     Last week, we had 2 major birthday milestones! Sarah turned 21 and the very next day, John turned 40! "How can that be?", I often ask myself. Never mind the big 4-0 is creeping my way in a matter of months.

     John has been working a large project for his work and has been a road warrior. The weekend prior to their birthdays, John came home for 1 day and Sarah for the weekend for a little family celebration.

John literally went from the airport to the restaurant to meet us for dinner. JT didn't care I was snapping photos of the birthday Daddy/daughter. He just wanted to be in a photo.

We went to one of our favorite locally owned places-Sax Deli.  We enjoyed hambergers, sandwiches, and as many fries as our bellies could handle.

Sisters reunited. They are quite the trip when they are together!

Me and my baby girl.

JT was more than happy to help Sarah unwrap her presents from the family.

To keep the kid alive in her, a massive box of pop rocks.

Starting to get Sarah some more adult gifts- DVD player. Then JT kept saying very loudly, "Where is Sarah's TV?"  That will teach us to take the boy with us for present shopping without some major covering up.

Not that the wrap job gave it away though ;)

Sarah's first flat screen TV! She hasn't had one of her own since going to college since she didn't want to take the major chunk of an old school TV she used at home. This is also a smart TV which means she can stream Netflix, hulu, and do other cool things directly through her TV.

Then it was time for candles and singing! I made a homemade caramel chocolate chip brownie for Sarah, our cake hater. Then for John, I made a coconut &pecan caramel cream pie. JT loved helping me bake the desserts and telling everyone in the store when we purchased the candles that "My Daddy is going to be 41!" He kept mixing the candles around for different number combinations and 41 stuck in his head. I told him not to age Daddy too quickly.;)

The difference in age- Sarah thrilled and excited about turning 21. John? Not so much excitement.

Happy Birthday to you....

Making wishes for many more celebrations together like this. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Peanuts Style Snowmen

It's been a very cold winter here in Tennessee. Blessed by the "arctic vortex" as it's been called by meteorologists, we've suffered through long spells of cold. Despite having the perfect temperatures for snow, we've received little more than a few dustings so far. So that means we use our imaginations to bring some winter indoors!

Our material for the day.

The kids and I talked about what they would be making and I showed them a few photos to get them going. After that, it was up to the artist to create whatever they wanted.

Ella finding the perfect spot for her snowman's head.
Mason placing his carrot nose. Don't worry, it's supposed to be that large. You'll see in just a moment.

Ella stoping for a second to pose for me.

JT decided to have his nose up a bit higher on the head.

Time to get our snowmen dressed!

Scarves will be perfect!

They then added stripes to the scaves.

Some had tight patterns, while others had more space between their lines.

Group shot!

Lastly, came the smiles. The q-tip was the perfect tool for the dots to make the smiles big and small.

Focused on making a friendly snowman.

JT admiring Ella at work. He's a charmer, I tell ya.

Happy snowman looking to the skies!

This is how  I could best describe the style of this craft-Peanuts style.

Final product of the snowmen(horrible lighting-sorry). Adorable take on a classic craft.