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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Office Fun

     JT is in full toddler approaching 2 mode- destructive, curious, get into everything! At times it is frustrating because it means picking messes up over and over, but I do my best to embrace his stages because before long he will have moved on to something new.

     Here, JT was having a blast in the office area. It's where the girls do their studying, school supplies are stored, and leave their books. Here is an example of what fun this boy can have in such a serious environment.

 JT flipped the chair on the ground and was having fun playing peek a boo. Note all of the index study cards that he has already thrown on the floor- I hope his sisters were finished with these!

 What is JT going to do next??

 Oh yes, lets flip over the chair!!!

 Love this action shot with his legs extended!!!

All done! What's next???

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake Up Call

For those of you viewing this, you are aware of what happened over the weekend on the blog. Without being graphic, lets just say some random person decided to write some sexually charged, predatory comments in reference to an older post.

I was surprised, angry, sick to my stomach, and felt a call to action. I am not going to expose my children, any of my friends and their children, or any of my Small Group girls who I have all posted about be exposed to predators such as this. That was why John and I decided to make our site private, invitation only, to those we know and love.

I do want to let you all know and recommend something I was so happy that I did prior to this comment that has really helped. I put on a free site meter on the blog. It basically tracks who, what, where, and when those who visit your website/blog. For the free version, which I use, you don't get as many bells and whistles, but it serves its purpose. Go here to get your free site meter:

After doing a bit of searching, I discovered that I might be able to track down who wrote the comment and possibly report them to the authorities! I did some digging and located some specific information about the person who wrote what they did. I did need to email to request the full IP address (free version only provides partial), but when they read why I needed it, they quickly provided the full IP address!!!

So I have now filed a local police report as well as one to the FBI(as directed by my local police). My hope is that this person is held accountable as I believe that they are more than likely preying on others based on what I read on my blog this morning.

Please friends and family, think twice about the type of photos and videos you post on your websites, Facebook, and blogs. Do everything you can to protect the innocent lives God entrusted us to as parents.

Much love to you all!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


     Yesterday was a beautiful day! We are finally getting a stretch of warm weather! After nap time, I took JT and Finn outside for some fun play time outside!!! The boys had a great time and were outside for over an hour-  here are some shots of their adventures.

 JT had a great time pushing his big cars and trucks through the grass. He also loved wearing these Nurf glasses which matched his shirt perfectly.

 JT and Finn racing their cars in the yard.

 JT and Finn blowing bubbles... They loved chasing them!

They finished off their outside adventure by throwing rocks into the creek on the side of our yard.

Two Friends Side by Side...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Name Game

     Since I mentioned last post that JT is saying his sister's names and trying to spell them like he says them, I decided to record him saying them! Genius, I know :) While we were prepping dinner in the kitchen, JT graced us with performing. I hope you are able to hear it well enough- he only wanted to talk on command for just a bit.

Monday, March 14, 2011

21 Months!

     One month closer to turning 2! This weekend we had a wonderfully warm day, so I was able to do a little photo shoot of JT throwing rocks while John practiced volleyball with the girls.

     Our little man has had a rough month with a nasty sinus infection followed up with a kidney infection. This was the first weekend where JT wasn't on medicine and feeling 100%. It was a welcome relief for us all. Since we have gone to the Dr this month, we know that JT has reached 30 pounds! I can feel every pound when I carry his little self up the stairs every day :) Not sure how tall he is, but I think he is on the taller side of normal.

     JT's speech continues to blossom much like the spring weather.He jabbers most of the day, some of which I am clueless as to what exactly he is saying but he continues his commentary regardless of my understanding. He now has some distinct sounds for his sister's names- Lindsay is the easiest to understand- Wee Wee,  Sarah- Rare-ra  and Courtney-Kikki (trying to sound it out best I can!)    . Though for some time he has called them "Girls!!!" When they are upstairs and he wants them, he will cup his hand around his mouth and shout Girls!!! Girls!!! Hoping to get their attention and have one of them join him.

For the first time, JT will now request something besides milk- we are now hearing juice (Juuuuu) more often as a request.

Excited response to throwing his rock...

JT was asking Where did the car go? I love how he does his little arms when he is curious about where something went.
I wonder why my windows are always dirty? Silly face :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pink Panther

     At the beginning of this school year Courtney began playing the clarinet. She quickly picked up on how to play it and in a matter of a few months, was making some great music for a beginner. I'd like to think my musical talents have passed along to her being I played the violin/viola for all of junior and high school along with a few years in elementary school :) Nevertheless, Courtney has great musical talent.

     When the students first started playing their instruments, the band director said that who ever was able to play the Pink Panther successfully would earn $10. It was up to the student to locate the music on their own and practice during their own time and not during class. That incentive was all Courtney needed to do her best to be that student.

     After playing about a month, Courtney started searching for the Pink Panther music. We couldn't find it in the local music stores, but she Googled Pink Panther clarinet and she found a boy around her age who had recorded himself playing. At the end of his song, he recorded the sheet music for the song- Score! It begun the months of practicing, fine tuning, and perfecting the Pink Panther song.

     A few weeks ago, Courtney was indeed the 1st student to successfully play the Pink Panther song in front of her class. Her band director rewarded her hard work with the $10 he promised. Here is Courtney performing  the song here at home.