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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Office Fun

     JT is in full toddler approaching 2 mode- destructive, curious, get into everything! At times it is frustrating because it means picking messes up over and over, but I do my best to embrace his stages because before long he will have moved on to something new.

     Here, JT was having a blast in the office area. It's where the girls do their studying, school supplies are stored, and leave their books. Here is an example of what fun this boy can have in such a serious environment.

 JT flipped the chair on the ground and was having fun playing peek a boo. Note all of the index study cards that he has already thrown on the floor- I hope his sisters were finished with these!

 What is JT going to do next??

 Oh yes, lets flip over the chair!!!

 Love this action shot with his legs extended!!!

All done! What's next???

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