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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gone Fishin'

One of the activities JT was most excited about for my work party was being able to go fishing! Soon after we arrived and said our Hello's, John took the kids down to the shore to try and catch some fish.

 JT was all smiles!

 John helping our novice fishermen. I was so sweet seeing how patient he was with the kids. JT tangled up his line a few times, getting debris off the hook and helping to teach how to cast.

 Courtney getting the hang of it.

 Showing the kids how it's done.

 Just ignore JT has his eyes closed- it's a cute shot.

Courtney and John found their own little spot where they could also cool their feet off in the water.

I'm sad to report that we didn't catch any fish that day. JT learned the tough lesson of how patient you have to be when fishing. Better luck next time.

UAB Volleyball Camp

  This past week, Courtney went on her first overnight team volleyball camp. When I say this girl lives and breathes volleyball, I mean it! Just about most of her extra time is spent practicing, club volleyball in the "off" season, regular school season and the occasional sand tournament. We have loved seeing how Courtney has developed her skills and leadership over the years.

Courtney and her fellow Hendersonville High School Lady Commandos ready to head out Sunday morning to Birmingham, Alabama.

These girls, along with 34 other high school teams worked their butts off over the next 4 days. The ir days began at 6am and they didn't finish their day until nearly 10pm each night. Besides eating meals, they were playing or practicing. *Courtney stretching in the yellow jersey on the far left.

The HHS coach started using an app called Periscope during day 2 which allowed us to watch the scrimmages on our phones/tablets back home in Tennessee. It was fantastic!

This was my first time seeing the girls play together this season and it was such a treat to feel like we were sitting in the stands watching.

To give you a glimpse of just how hard the girls were working- this was Courtney's practice shirt after her First session of the day- only 2 more to go for that day!

Their coach also put some hilarious photos on Twitter during the week. I'd say morning came all too quickly for these girls!

At the end of night 3, Courtney sent the family this photo of her "snack" after her day was done. Yes, she ate the entire thing! I have a feeling the calories contained in the pint didn't match up to what she burned on the court that day!

In the end, the HHS Lady Commandos finished 7th out of the 35 teams at UAB (University of Alabama, Birmingham) It was a great time to develop their skills as well as come together as a team.

Despite wearing knee pads, this is how our volleyball girl's knees look-Ouch! That happens when she's diving for the ball and making a hard play. If any of your have watched Courtney, you know she gives it her all and then some.

While Courtney had a great time, she was SO happy to be home, shower, eat a great dinner and then SLEEP!!! She slept 14 hours! Looking forward to a great season that will be starting in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First Kayak Ride

Hello there my little blog friends- if there are any still out there ;) Just know while the blog has been ignored, it hasn't been out of my mind. Just need to make some new priorities and slot some time out each week to make some posts! I won't promise anything, but hopefully you will see more of the Apedaile6 in your world soon!

This past weekend we had a company gathering for my work. It was hosted by the owner at her beautiful home that sits on the lake. Having access to the lake, the kids all enjoyed several water activities.

 Lindsay and Courtney geared up in their life jackets.

 Lindsay's first voyage on a kayak.

 All smiles!
 Courtney headed out behind Lindsay.

The girls on their adventure to explore the nearby cove.

 Lindsay was pretty fast in the water- we think it was because her kayak was longer.

 She was a natural!

 Courtney laughing as she brought up the rear.

 JT got ready to have a mini ride with Lindsay.

This photo pretty much sums up how the ride went.There was enough space for both of them, but JT wasn't a fan of having to sit still. He said he had enough and Lindsay came back to the shore.