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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Ball

This past weekend Sarah attended her high school's Fall Ball. This is the first time they have had a Fall Ball, it was basically a semi-formal dance held at the school. Sarah and Doug went together and they had a great time with a bunch of friends. I waited until Sarah uploaded her pictures so I would be able to share some shots from dinner and the dance.

Sarah and her friend Ariel started off getting ready by going to the mall and having their makeup done for free at the professional make up counter. Sarah was going to buy something cheap as to not waste the sales associates time, but she just wrote down everything she used and told Sarah to come home and show us and then she could come back soon if she wanted to buy something. Nice! Sarah really loved how her smokey eye turned out and not having to stress over how to make up her face :)

Since I uploaded so many pictures, I'll just caption from here on...

Make up finished, time for hair!
My last minute daughter getting her toes done while we were taking some pictures-LOL!
Love the Fall Colors!
I just had to do a special effect picture...
I caught this while Sarah was doing random things and I thought it was rather sweet...
Doug arrives!
Cute Couple
JT was not in the mood to take pictures!
Miss Courtney and Sarah
Not so little middle sister, Lindsay
I asked them to head tilt- love it!
Planting a big kiss on her sister!
My 3 beauties
Mom and Sarah
The Apedaile Girls
Dad and Sarah
You better behave or else!!!
The big group ate at Fuji's- Japanese Steakhouse
Yummy Rice, Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp
Sarah & Christina
Sarah & Emily
Sarah & Ariel
Sarah & Paige
Sarah & Stefani
Sarah & Sierra
Sarah & Ali
Sarah & Scarlett
Sarah, Chris, & Delaney
Sarah & "her name leaf"
Dance Time!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playing in the Leaves

It's my favorite time of the year-Fall!!! I love the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves. It is so beautiful here in Tennessee, with a longer fall season and just awesome colors this time of year. In hoping to pass along my love of this season, I took JT outside to play in some of the leaves that have fallen from our trees. I was hoping he would enjoy playing in the leaves. It turns out he did! Yay!!

I love this look of surprise and wonder as he's playing.

JT quickly figured out the crunchy leaves are fun to grab and throw.
The big tree that provided all of this fun!

JT's excitement when the leaves were being tossed in the air.

Sister's arrived home from school and took a few pictures of JT and Mommy

JT discovered the porch swing and this is the happy face he made when I started to swing him.

Courtney tossing leaves up for JT!

We tried to have JT sit in a leave pile, but this was as long as he would sit...

JT found a rake just his size!

Working hard at raking....

Here is a brief video of when I was tossing leaves up for JT. Sorry for the shakiness, I was recording and tossing at the same time :)

Here is another video of when the girls and I raked a big pile for JT to play in.

Finally this is a video of Courtney and Lindsay having fun in the pile of leaves.