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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Emerging Language

JT is the type of baby/toddler where it seems like he is more physically advanced than verbally. He was a pretty early crawler and walker and once he mastered those, he quickly moved on to climbing and running. Looking back at the girls, JT is the most similar to Lindsay. Lindsay was a mover and shaker and a bit slow to speak. But once she started speaking well, she never stopped! I think this will be the case with JT as well.

The past week or so, we have noticed JT is really starting to put his verbal skills to use. It's very exciting to see and hear and it is so funny to hear him say a new word. Not only is JT saying more things, he is also signing more words as well.

In the video here, JT is using some of his manners. This has been very helpful in better communicating with us to meet his needs. When he is hungry, he can now sign "eat" and "milk". Another popular food related sign he uses is more,thank you , and please.

JT's new word this week has been car. He sounds like he is from the Boston area saying it more like caw :) I love it! Before saying the word, JT has been doing the vroom sound for car when ever he was playing with his cars or when he saw a car passing by. One of his favorite activities is to look outside our windows and watch the passing cars and vroom every time they pass our house. JT also clicks his tongue for birds (he also does the same noise for duck) I guess that is his bird noise for now. In this video, JT is watching out for cars and I think you should be able to hear a bird click or two.

Some other words JT is saying
-Shoe said Shhooo- Cheese said Chhhaa- Ball- with football being ball ball, More, Momma, Dadda, Diaper but its more like da-something, Taggie(his little security item), trash, books said boo, moon- various animal sounds (hope to have be a future post soon)

Some words JT is signing
Tree- Butterfly- More- Milk- Eat- Please- Thank You- Blows kisses- Brush teeth- Book- All Done-Hat

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