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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Volleyball Life

   In my recent post I mentioned that the Apedaile6 lives are filled with lots of volleyball these days. Though the season is nearing it's end, I'll take a pause to share with you just a few highlights from some of Courtney's most recent games.

    If you'd like to check out a more "full coverage" of Beech High School's Lady Bucs Volleyball season, click This Link. In all of my spare time, I've been managing a blog site for the volleyball team where I upload some photos from each game. Since I take a ton of photos of both the JV and Varsity games, I thought it would be nice to be able to share them with the players and parents. Making a simple photo blog has been the best way to share them and it's been a big hit among our Beech families.

 Lady Bucs JV team at home

 Ready to dominate another game. The JV team is #1 in the district with an undefeated record. They have only had 2 losses overall far this season, to tough opponents outside of our district.

 Courtney by in large has been playing back row most of the season.

 It's a challenging defensive position and often time the back row has the first touch on the ball when being served.It's up to them to pass a good ball to the setter to make a good offensive play for the team.

 Though most of the time the back row passes ,aka bumps, the ball, sometimes the situation calls for a set. The back row usually is very utilitarian in their skill set.

 JV at an away game in Mt. Juliet

 A talented local photographer took a few photos of the teams.  Love this lighting effect he uses.

Beech High School JV Volleyball Team

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kicking off Soccer with JT

    It's soccer season here for JT. He is very excited to get back on the field. Here are some shots from his first practice.

We practice in early evening, so beautiful sunsets often greet us when we arrive.

All decked out and ready to play. JT is the most excited about his new cleats. He loves his orange and black print and shows them off to anyone who will listen.

Love his expressions as he dribbles the ball.

Pausing for the perfect shot.

A little time out to listen to coach. Soccer balls makes for the perfect seat.
Cone drills

Slow and methodical, JT is still tying to master using his left foot.

Did I mention it was still pretty hot outside?

Nothing like a good game of freeze tag.

No matter how JT was moving when tagged, he would always freeze like this- mouth open and all.

Love that happy face.

Important to stay hydrated.

Time for a little scrimmage.

Post practice wrap up.

Get those stinky cleats off!

Headband hair!!!

Extra,Extra!!! Read All About It!!!

     I'm sure many of you browse through a few of the magazines as you wait in the checkout lines at the grocery store. This past week something pretty exciting happened to me.

Looking over some of the selections at the store, many to choose from. One of these magazine might be one you want to pick up yourself. Any guess which one?

 All You is what you need to be looking out for. Not for the adorable ghost cupcakes, though I do think that is a fabulous idea for a Halloween party.

 The reason being is because yours truly has a small feature in the October 2014 issue!

 Pointing to my little part that was published in the magazine. I am also standing in front of what was featured, Our "A" Wall. I blogged about when I made this for our home. If you'd like to read about it, you can find it HERE

 I am part of All You's Reader Experts contributors this month.

Here is my little feature on my creation. It's been process since mid July when I discovered that I had been selected to be featured in the magazine. It has been a very experience talking with some of the editors and sending in different photos of the wall, myself, and describing the process of how I came about making the wall. 
It's nothing major, but all of the Apedaile6 is thrilled for my 20 minutes of fame, so to speak. This past weekend when we saw the magazines on display, John picked up 3 copies to buy. When at the checkout stand, he flipped open to the 2 pages where I have my photos and said proudly, "Check this out! My wife is featured in this months issue of this magazine." The clerk was accommodating and was interested, or at least faked in enough to show enthusiasm for my being in the magazine.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


     Some of you have probably noticed that the blog has taken a bit of a backseat in the past nearly two months. It's not without a good reason (or two). Though a vast majority of our blog readers know, I'm finally taking some time to share.

This photo sums it up. In early August, I was filling out a W-4 for my new employer. I am no longer working from home caring for little ones, but rather, I am out among with all of the majority of adults and once again working outside of the home.

My new job at Inspired Homes, a real estate firm, is in one word, wonderful. Though my title is Executive Assistant, a simple explanation of duties is Office Manager and Marketing Assistant. I do a little bit of everything, aside for buying and selling homes ;) I have learned so much in my short time there and I'm looking forward to my future. If you/d like, checkout Inspired Homes Facebook page here-be sure to "Like" it. You can also look at the Inspired Homes website HERE- I'll be working on the website more soon and I'll let you know when it's been updated.

My first day of work!

Me and my work space- this is where some amazing stuff happens!

Not one, but two computer screens! It really makes life much easier when working with multiple programs.

Behind me sits another desk where the owner/broker of Inspired Homes works. All of those files you see are active clients we are working with. 

I now even have my own business cards! It's the little pleasures in life that make me happy.

So as you can imagine, working during the day and then coming home to do the Mommy/Wife thing has really cut into my blogging time. That, combined with Courtney who is playing her high school volleyball season with games 2-3 nights a week and JT who has soccer practice 2 times a week, my nights are VERY full. This is also John's heavy start up season, he has been on travel for work every week since school started/I started my new job. It's by God's grace that we are all surviving and making everything run smoothly. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Campbellsville- Year 4

    Despite that she's been gone for nearly a month, it's time I took time to blog about Sarah's final semester at Campbellsville University. Sarah is in the nursing program and she has just one more semester left!!!! Such an exciting time for her and us as parents as we watch our oldest begin the transition fully into adulthood.

 JT was the only non college kid to come along for the trip to CU. Space was premium for us as Sarah insisted she had only what she "needed" ha ha.

The exit we have taken many times- last exit before Campbellsville!

Not sure if I've shared these with you before. One of the charming aspects about this part of Kentucky is how many farms we pass as we get closer to CU.

 Every barn has their own unique family design that they place on their barns.

 Aren't these designs beautiful?

 Sarah sat on this very spot nearly 4 years ago when we toured CU as a possible university for her to attend. It blows my mind this is her last semester here!

 Of course JT wanted to have a photo with his sister.

 The building that Sarah has devoted hundreds, possibly thousands of hours studying, learning, demonstrating in becoming a nurse.

The water tower that the city "finally" as Sarah says, placed the CU logo on.

We enjoyed a yummy burger at the Tiger Hut(I think that's the name).

Then the rest of the day was a huge blur and mess. Long story short, the first place Sarah was assigned (off campus housing) was disgusting and not safe. After I went into a few moments of "Momma Bear" mode, we had a much better living situation for her. So that meant we moved her totes and belongings twice in one day! So I wasn't focused on photos during those times.

We managed a family selfie when we got Sarah to her permanent spot in Stapp Hall.

Of course JT loved everything about Sarah's dorm room.

A few days after we all left, Sarah was fully settled. Looking good for a limited space.

Most of our communication during the semester is through texting. Orientation Day for our Nursing Student.

Then the classic first day of school photo. Sarah apologized for the open toilet area in the photo- ha ha. The downfall of dorm life... the best mirrors are in the bathrooms.

Praying for a fantastic last semester of nursing school to our sweet Sarah. We love you lots and look forward to celebrating all of your hard work this December!