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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Campbellsville- Year 4

    Despite that she's been gone for nearly a month, it's time I took time to blog about Sarah's final semester at Campbellsville University. Sarah is in the nursing program and she has just one more semester left!!!! Such an exciting time for her and us as parents as we watch our oldest begin the transition fully into adulthood.

 JT was the only non college kid to come along for the trip to CU. Space was premium for us as Sarah insisted she had only what she "needed" ha ha.

The exit we have taken many times- last exit before Campbellsville!

Not sure if I've shared these with you before. One of the charming aspects about this part of Kentucky is how many farms we pass as we get closer to CU.

 Every barn has their own unique family design that they place on their barns.

 Aren't these designs beautiful?

 Sarah sat on this very spot nearly 4 years ago when we toured CU as a possible university for her to attend. It blows my mind this is her last semester here!

 Of course JT wanted to have a photo with his sister.

 The building that Sarah has devoted hundreds, possibly thousands of hours studying, learning, demonstrating in becoming a nurse.

The water tower that the city "finally" as Sarah says, placed the CU logo on.

We enjoyed a yummy burger at the Tiger Hut(I think that's the name).

Then the rest of the day was a huge blur and mess. Long story short, the first place Sarah was assigned (off campus housing) was disgusting and not safe. After I went into a few moments of "Momma Bear" mode, we had a much better living situation for her. So that meant we moved her totes and belongings twice in one day! So I wasn't focused on photos during those times.

We managed a family selfie when we got Sarah to her permanent spot in Stapp Hall.

Of course JT loved everything about Sarah's dorm room.

A few days after we all left, Sarah was fully settled. Looking good for a limited space.

Most of our communication during the semester is through texting. Orientation Day for our Nursing Student.

Then the classic first day of school photo. Sarah apologized for the open toilet area in the photo- ha ha. The downfall of dorm life... the best mirrors are in the bathrooms.

Praying for a fantastic last semester of nursing school to our sweet Sarah. We love you lots and look forward to celebrating all of your hard work this December!

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