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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

On November 26th, Lindsay turned 13!!! Another teenager officially added to the Apedaile house. I would have blogged on her birthday, but the entire house, except JT, managed to have a short lived stomach bug during Thanksgiving. We all had celebrated Thanksgiving and Lindsay's birthday early when my Mom was visiting, but it was a rather lousy birthday for Lindsay.

Since this is a "milestone" birthday in my eyes, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to reflect on how much my "middle" girl has grown. I had to hunt through a couple of boxes of loose pictures from back in the day that we actually had our pictures developed. How times have changed! I was able to get some of my favorites scanned for this post and perhaps Lindsay's embarrassment ;)

Lindsay has grown into such a beautiful young lady both inside and out. I know all too well now that this time passes by so quickly.Both John and I pray that Lindsay turns to her Lord for direction, strength, and love in all things.

I hope you enjoy a brief tour through Lindsay's life. Happy 13th Birthday Lindsay!!!

This picture is of me in actual labor with Lindsay, walking the halls. John's Dad, Art, and his wife, Mary, joined us for a bit. Art took Sarah on a special day with grandpa while we were at the hospital.

Lindsay arrived on November 26th at 1:51 pm on a beautiful, stormy fall day in Clovis, Ca. We brought her home on Thanksgiving Day. (John was the photographer) pictured with me are Sarah (4 1/2), my Mom, and John's sister, Jennifer.

Our first Christmas with 2 girls! I had a few outfits that matched Sarah and Lindsay.

Lindsay was on the move at an early age. She began crawling between 5-6 months and she was on always on the go!

Now at age 1- love those cheeks!

Of course she managed to make big messes during meal time....

Lindsay became a big sister when she was 20 months old. She loved Courtney so much even though she was quite young. Here she would smile so hard her neck would strain- something she did a lot during her toddler years :)

Showing Courtney her toddler bed. With Lindsay, she was rarely found without her thumb in her mouth until she was almost 4.

Here at age 2.

Another coordinating sister outfit.

This picture sums up how Lindsay was as a toddler and preschooler- sassy and our little firecracker! Always up to something and full of life!

Some of her favorite things- her "stinky Pooh"- she loved sucking her thumb while rubbing the corner of the pillowcase. She came to love how this pillowcase felt, that we couldn't replace it- thus the name "stinky Pooh". She still has "stinky Pooh" to this day, though it is a very faded aqua and quite thin... She also has her thumb sticking out here- look closely- she had a band- aid on it because she had asked for help to stop sucking her thumb. That didn't work among other tricks, but when her 1st tooth fell out, she though it was caused by her sucking and she suddenly stopped! Ha ha!

Preschool days at the park...

L is for Lindsay!!! Here at Disney California entrance...

Swimming lessons the summer after kindergarten... Love that toothless grin :)

1st day of Kindergarten, Fresno, Ca.

Chef of the Day at School

Lindsay on the last day of Kindergarten with her teacher.

Enter a LARGE gap- sorry! All the other years pictures are on a computer that we don't have right now. That is basically the years from grades 2-4. Sorry! In this picture it is from grade 4 pictured with one of her best friends Sydney.

The same girls here just a year later... my how they both grew and matured.

Lindsay in 5th grade as a docent at the Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson's home and museum.

What a wonderful young lady! First day of school this year.

My spunky tomboy is growing into a lovely young lady...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Park- Part Two

   Part two of our day at the park was after a brief intermission at home to refuel the body and put JT down for a nap. Once that was accomplished, we headed to Centennial Park downtown. My Mom had not been there before and it was a perfect day to be outdoors!

   We spent several hours there exploring everything from planes, trains, and... well the Parthenon! Sorry no automobiles to explore unless we wanted to look like thieves in the parking lot :) We fed some not so hungry ducks and geese, and walked around the little lake/walking path in the park. After we were done, we headed home and went to the Saturday evening service at church. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

 The big airplane on display....
 This train was huge!!! Built in 1942....
 A nice stranger took this pic of Sarah and I. Southerner's are so friendly!
 Check out the massive wheels!
 Oh No! Don't run over my babies!!!!
 Model like pose...
 I loved shooting in sepia because it made the picture feel old like the train...

 My Mom and I climbing around the train, goofing off...
 Our sweet girls
 The Parthenon
 The girls look pretty small in comparison
 Gorgeous golden tree we came upon on our walk
 This "tree" was growing into the lake!

 Our beauties under the golden tree- in full color

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Park- Part One

It's been a while since I have blogged. With good reason though, my Mom came to visit last week! We have been a very busy family and I tried to capture as much on my camera to share and blog about. So I will start with our day at the parks. This was my Mom's first full day here and it was a beautiful and warm fall day. We headed to Drake's Creek/Kids Kingdom to feed the ducks and play.

There were plenty of ducks and geese to feed!
 JT had a great time seeing the ducks up close!
 My fearless Mom among the geese. I was too chicken :)
 Lindsay helping JT feed the quackers...
 We had to keep a close eye and hand on JT. It seemed like he would jump into the lake if we let him.
 He also ate as much bread as the ducks. Not quite old enough to understand why he should throw something to the ducks that he could easily enjoy himself.
 Geese that are as tall as JT didn't phase him one bit. He loved chasing this group.
 This white duck couldn't get away... JT chased him until he went to the water and I stopped him :)
 Happy kids with their Nanny!
 JT looking at the ducks from the bridge. Love his diaper "plumber's butt"!
 Time for Kids Kingdom!
 JT explored everywhere! He LOVED the big slides!!!
 Lindsay sitting on the dinosaur...
 I got on the other side of the camera for a shot with my Mom.
 Sarah climbing the structures...
 Look at that big smile!!!
 I took JT down the tunnel slide- still BIG SMILES!!!
 This little structure moved and JT had fun jumping and shaking. Love how Courtney is always ready for the photo op.
 The result of a few hours... One tired and dirty toddler!!!