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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Park- Part One

It's been a while since I have blogged. With good reason though, my Mom came to visit last week! We have been a very busy family and I tried to capture as much on my camera to share and blog about. So I will start with our day at the parks. This was my Mom's first full day here and it was a beautiful and warm fall day. We headed to Drake's Creek/Kids Kingdom to feed the ducks and play.

There were plenty of ducks and geese to feed!
 JT had a great time seeing the ducks up close!
 My fearless Mom among the geese. I was too chicken :)
 Lindsay helping JT feed the quackers...
 We had to keep a close eye and hand on JT. It seemed like he would jump into the lake if we let him.
 He also ate as much bread as the ducks. Not quite old enough to understand why he should throw something to the ducks that he could easily enjoy himself.
 Geese that are as tall as JT didn't phase him one bit. He loved chasing this group.
 This white duck couldn't get away... JT chased him until he went to the water and I stopped him :)
 Happy kids with their Nanny!
 JT looking at the ducks from the bridge. Love his diaper "plumber's butt"!
 Time for Kids Kingdom!
 JT explored everywhere! He LOVED the big slides!!!
 Lindsay sitting on the dinosaur...
 I got on the other side of the camera for a shot with my Mom.
 Sarah climbing the structures...
 Look at that big smile!!!
 I took JT down the tunnel slide- still BIG SMILES!!!
 This little structure moved and JT had fun jumping and shaking. Love how Courtney is always ready for the photo op.
 The result of a few hours... One tired and dirty toddler!!!

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