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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Park- Part Two

   Part two of our day at the park was after a brief intermission at home to refuel the body and put JT down for a nap. Once that was accomplished, we headed to Centennial Park downtown. My Mom had not been there before and it was a perfect day to be outdoors!

   We spent several hours there exploring everything from planes, trains, and... well the Parthenon! Sorry no automobiles to explore unless we wanted to look like thieves in the parking lot :) We fed some not so hungry ducks and geese, and walked around the little lake/walking path in the park. After we were done, we headed home and went to the Saturday evening service at church. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

 The big airplane on display....
 This train was huge!!! Built in 1942....
 A nice stranger took this pic of Sarah and I. Southerner's are so friendly!
 Check out the massive wheels!
 Oh No! Don't run over my babies!!!!
 Model like pose...
 I loved shooting in sepia because it made the picture feel old like the train...

 My Mom and I climbing around the train, goofing off...
 Our sweet girls
 The Parthenon
 The girls look pretty small in comparison
 Gorgeous golden tree we came upon on our walk
 This "tree" was growing into the lake!

 Our beauties under the golden tree- in full color

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