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Friday, November 5, 2010

17 Months!

JT is 17 months! Nearing a year and a half, it's so hard to believe, time just goes so fast! We are seeing more and more of his personality emerge and of course some moments of independence wanting to be expressed. That is code for tantrums :) Thankfully these moments of "Independence" are short lived and most often associated with not wanting to come inside from playing.

Outside is by far one of JT's favorite things to do. He loves exploring, finding rocks that he pronounces "ocks", tasting his "ocks", and just running around the yard.

Some of JT's favorite things include: reading books, playing with cars and trucks, dancing to music, being chased and chasing after sisters, playing peek a boo, and getting into places he shouldn't be.

New words and expressions for this month: many different animal sounds- my personal favorite is skunk: JT waves his hand and says P-U! JT also says Uh Oh! He is also starting to put some of his signing together in 2 word sentences, for instance when JT wants to eat, he will sign More/Eat. JT also understands the term Hot and when he sees me with my mug of tea or if the oven is on, he will sign "hot" however when he first starting signing hot, he actually was signing "hat"! It cracked me up- I can see where those 2 words can sound similar. Another new word is Go! Like I said, JT is a big book lover. One of his favorite books of this month have been Go Dogs Go! When we read the book he will say Go Go Go!!!!

One last thing that JT enjoys is watching Barney. This is more on me introducing Barney to JT because it really brings back fond memories of the girls singing and dancing to Barney. Barney reminds me of when they were little so, I get to recapture and make new memories of Barney with JT. There might be Barney haters in the world, but not here! I love you, you love me, we're a happy family.....

JT is starting to figure out how things work. For instance in the past week, JT has discovered the little locks under the tray on his high chair. JT can reach, grab, and unlock one side of the tray and then proceed to flip it off and on to the floor. He also knows how to open the drawers in the kitchen and will grab at anything he can reach inside. So we have moved the butter knives as that was something he was often grabbing. He also has mastered picking out the little outlet covers. JT will pick it out and then come and show me what he has done- holding the cover in his hand. Then when I go to grab it from him, he runs away! Little sneak trying to play games- the joys and frustrations of being a Mom of a toddler :)

JT's adorable Toy Story PJ's
Playing with his truck
He has figured out how to ride some of his cars and trucks!
This picture reminds me of Lindsay when she was this age- the same cheeks and smile.
Still cheesing it up!
Super Duper Cheesey!!!
JT likes to get into spaces he shouldn't be...
Blowing kisses
Playing outside and watching Doug climb the tree
Waiting for his turn to bathe... looking under the crack in the door.

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