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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carving It Up!

The day before Halloween, we were finally able to all get together and carve our pumpkins. With such busy girls, among one who can drive, it was one of our rare moments that all of us were under the same roof at the same time besides dinner and sleep! JT was taking his nap, which was perfect for a few hours to focus on carving and not having to worry about him grabbing sharp objects.

We all chose to use the Pumpkin Masters carving kit with the super cool designs and the little saws to help make the carving easier. It takes a bit longer than just a face, but well worth the effort. 

Getting started
John chose a white pumpkin this year and probably his last- you'll see why in a bit

Courtney took this- great look by me, we cleaned out our attic earlier that's why I look so beautiful :)
I think I look as scary as the inside of my pumpkin with no makeup and hat head!
Lindsay's guts
Courtney working hard to lift her lid...
Got it!
Inside of the white pumpkin, it was a pale yellow and smelled like cucumber melon.
Sarah and her small opening, it was a tight fit to scrape the inside

Courtney's masterpiece! She did this all by herself. Notice JT had joined us by now...
This is what happened to John's pumpkin. Apparently, white pumpkins are quite brittle. While John was carving, we could hear cracking. Over time, pieces would break off that weren't supposed to. So John had a great pattern for his lid and a nice big hole for his pumpkin face :(
Since John's pumpkin was a bust, JT was allowed to play with it. Looking serious here....
Sarah's completed project- Team Jacob- I mean a werewolf.
Lindsay's Owl on a tree branch.
Courtney's scared pumpkin
My pumpkin- declared the best by the family
John's sad white pumpkin hole
Courtney's 2nd pumpkin- this was from a Halloween party
The entire Jack O' Lantern Family on our porch

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