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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Concert

On Monday evening, Courtney and the rest of the 6th grade band at her school held their first band concert. Courtney has been playing the clarinet since September. She has been practicing daily since getting her instrument. I thought from what I have heard at home that she was doing really well. I figured it must be a trait that I passed down to her since I was in orchestra from 4-12th grades :)

The concert was both the entire 6th grade band and then different groups performing selections together to highlight their talents for the audience, ranging from solos to quartets. Courtney was in both a trio and performed a solo.

Now that we have heard the other children, I can easily say that Courtney is quite the talent! Since the students have only just about 3 months of playing time, they sounded like beginners. Squawks here and there, pausing to regroup, then squawking again. Ahhh the joys of an early instrument player... However, Courtney did not squawk one time and she only has a tough time at home with the really high notes when she practices advanced songs.

It was especially wonderful to have my Mom, aka Nanny, there at Courtney's first concert. We all cheered, applauded, and yelled for Courtney.  Enjoy the videos of our budding talent.

Here is the video of Courtney's solo. For some reason, blogger doesn't want to upload her trio video. I'll try again later tonight.

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