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Friday, January 28, 2011

Out of Space

     I discovered something this week- blogger has a limit on the number/size of photos and videos one can have on their blog.

     When I was uploading some pictures from my last post, I received an message saying something to the effect that my limit had been reached. I thought perhaps it was an error or maybe something new about limits about how much you could post in a single posting.

     When I returned yesterday ready to make a new post, I was surprised to see the same message when I tried to upload more photos. After a bit on research on the interent, I discovered that there is indeed a limit on what blogger stores. Now, I have to pay to have storage of my videos/photos on a yearly basis. The price isn't bad, but there are different levels of storage so I need to figure out what I might need for the next year. Once I make my decision, then it takes blogger 24 hours to update my account so I can once again upload.

So to my blogging friends, just be aware this will someday happen to you- for me it took nearly 2 years, from others I read it only took months. For my reading friends, it will be a few days until you see a new posting from me. See you soon!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life of a Snowman...

It started out as a fresh blanket of snow...

 Then some girls began to create a snowman,,,
 They worked hard for a long time despite the cold...
 Some worked a bit longer than others...
 Time for accessories!
 The finished result: A brand new snowman!!!

 Before long, Mr. Snowman had a family...
Sadly, a natural disaster destroyed their family...

Hopefully Mr. Snowman and his family will return to our backyard once again...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ouch Report

     Yesterday we had a another first with JT, actually a first for  any of our children- we received an Ouch Report at church. When we go to church, JT goes to his classroom so we can teach our Small Groups and attend worship services. All of the children are in classes with others that are of similar age, which I imagine makes for a lively room that JT is in!

     When we picked JT up after worship, the teacher was talking to John for a pretty long time. I couldn't hear, but I was guessing that something had happened. I actually was hoping that JT hadn't been too rough with any other children (though that isn't like him, but he is starting to get the "mine syndrome"). It turned out that JT got a boo-boo while in the classroom.

     Though I have the report pictured below, apparently JT bumped his head on a cabinet door. Not quite sure how he did it, but it looks like the edge got his forehead pretty good. I got a bit of a chuckle when the teacher commented that JT didn't cry and was a "tough little dog".

 Kind of hard to see, but look to the upper right and you can see the purple line on JT's forehead.
 The scratches on his nose occurred at home a few days ago. I think I'll need to have a stocked first aid kit this spring/summer!
 It's actually a small goose egg along with the bruising, but it doesn't bother him at all :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


     We have yet another inventor in the house- Courtney! At the girl's middle school, a requirement of all 6th graders is to participate in the Invention Convention and either create a game or an invention that makes life easier.

     Courtney put a lot of thought into what she wanted to invent. There were many days of talking, brainstorming, and even a few ideas that didn't work out. In the end, she created :

The Fantabulous Accessory Holder!!!

 Courtney created a "person" to hold all of your hair accessories as well as your necklaces. I didn't take pictures from all angles, but this holds clips, bobby pins, ribbons, headbands, and ponytail holders. Check out the neck area to see how it's displayed to hold her necklaces.

 Courtney designed and created this entire invention herself. One of the stipulations of this assignment, is that the cost of the materials can not exceed $15. Courtney came under that goal by .51 cents!
 All of the 6th graders are presenting their projects this week and after that, each science teacher selects 10 from their classes (20 chosen in all) to head to the Invention Convention at MTSU where hundreds of from all over the mid-state area compete against each other. We aren't sure if Courtney will be selected to head to MTSU, but she is a winner in our books!!! Great Job Courtney!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New House

     A little over a week ago, we moved. We are so excited for our move and couldn't be happier! Probably the only drawback is that we are no longer in our desired middle/high school zone, but we are going to ask for a transfer. From what we have been told, it shouldn't be very difficult to get- fingers crossed/praying for that to be true!

     With our move, there have been many changes for our household. I have had a fun time noticing how JT has reacted to his new environment. He has done quite well considering he is quite aware of new things. I think just having a consistent schedule (after the initial move day) and all of the people/things he knows and loves nearby have helped with this transition.

     However, there have been some notable things that JT has observed/showcased this week. Here is a summary of new things from his point of view...

One of the new details that JT enjoys at our new home is the lower window's. As you can see here, it is the perfect place for cars and trucks to be played with! JT and Finn play for extended periods going from window to window, lining up the cars, racing them, and sometimes crashing them!

 Another new feature are the vents that are on the floor on the main level. This is a first for all of us- in California vents are always up high, so this is a fun change. Where the boys like to play is right over a vent as you can see below- LOVE the wind blown effect on their hair!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Our new place is a two story, another family first (expect our brief stint in a townhouse over 13 years ago). JT loves this ledge at the bottom of the stairs that serves as a perfect ramp for his cars.

With that 2nd level comes STAIRS!!! JT now says stairs when he wants to head up and is even saying "stairs" as I sit here typing with him by my side. For safety sake, we have 2 baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. JT is far too curious and physically able to cause worry, so this will ease some of our stairs worry for a bit.
 JT showing off his great climbing ability...
Making sure Mom is watching him climb up...
 Climbing with his football "Taggie" on the way up to bed.
This by far is one of my favorite pictures of the week! I had to run upstairs to grab something quick so I left JT and Finn downstairs in perfect safety, gate locked. Neither boy was happy with that and when I came down, I was greeted with these unhappy faces! I was so happy to snap this on my cell phone and perfectly capture this moment...

This little gadget became my nemesis for the week. A simple level doorknob, what can this little object do? Well, let me tell you! It can't do anything, but it sure provides easy access for my curious 19 month old to places he shouldn't be! Namely the pantry, laundry room, and the downstairs 1/2 bath.

I didn't take pictures of JT in the bathroom, but let me tell you that boy is quick and gross! I found JT on several occasions in the bathroom swishing his hand happily in the toilet and in process attempt to lick the wet hand!!! EWWWW!!! It only took 1 time for John to witness this for some action to take place.

While I didn't take pictures of the bathroom, I did get a few when he busted into the pantry. JT quickly figured out that there are yummy things stored in this place. I love the look of guilt I captured below...
 This is what he was after... marshmallows!

 Here is the solution my awesome husband installed this weekend!!! Knobs!!! It provides a wonderful, yet temporary, way to keep JT out of places he doesn't need to be.

     We are still in the process of unpacking and getting fully settled in our new home. I'm sure there will be more things to reveal as we make our house a home.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Days....

     Early this week, we received quite a bit of snow for this neck of the woods. I believe we had a total of about 4-5 inches, which in turn means SNOW DAYS!!! The girls have not been to school at all this week. It's really because there are many narrow, country roads that are very icy and since we don't get a lot of snow, there aren't a lot of salt/snow plow trucks to clear the roads.

     Courtney and Lindsay were the only members of the family to go out and play in the snow. JT has had a bit of a cold and doesn't have decent clothing to protect him, so I thought it'd be best for him to stay inside and warm. As for Sarah and myself, I think we are more of the type to gaze and the beauty of the snow from our nice warm couch inside :) Then again, if we had snow boots, ski pants/bibs that were water proof I think we would go outside. The thought of cold and wet feet is just not what I call fun!

     Here are some photos from all the beauty and fun Lindsay and Courtney enjoyed this week!

 Eating Snow is Fun!

 Snow Angel
 Lindsay working hard on her snow man
The finished result- a small yet adorable snow man!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skate Party

     This past Sunday, our Small Group of 7th grade girls that my friend Erin and I teach together went to a skate party. The party was for the middle school Small Groups and aimed at helping raise money for Crazy Love, a special offering our church is doing.

     We decided to have a fun afternoon with our girls. We all went to Zaxby's for lunch and ate some great chicken and then headed over to the skating rink to have fun and hopefully not embarrass ourselves by falling down too many times. I was looking forward to skating but a bit nervous because it has been at least 15, if not 20 years since I last skated at a skating rink.

     We managed to not fall down too many times, and if we did we all helped each other out by lending a hand to get up with. I almost fell one time, but somehow regained my balance. I'm sure it was quite a sight to see though- Annabelle was right beside me when that happened so she had front row seats to the near fall :)

     It was a really fun afternoon and now that I know my skating abilities have not left me, maybe we can do this in the future as a family.

 Check me out!
 Sydney, Annabelle, Samantha, and Monica
 Love Shelby laughing in  the background! We always have fun together :)