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Sunday, January 2, 2011

19 Months!

     Another monthly milestone has arrived for JT- he is now 19 months old. Getting closer to 2 every day and there are days when he's acting more like a 2 year old than 1. Meaning toddler tantrums and the dreaded "mine" word.

     I'm not trying to paint JT in a poor light- he is actually quite a even tempered, well behaved toddler. John and I often talk about how blessed we have been as parents to have such great children. Yes, we have moments, but all in all we have awesome kids that we thank God daily for.

     As for our Little Man, he is growing more and more every day! I haven't weighed him this month, but by how he looks, I would guess he's packing on a few pounds to gear up for a growth spurt. His legs and cheeks appear more chubby and he is definitely heavier when we lift him up.

     In the language department, I am happy to say that it looks like JT's verbal abilities are developing! I am so excited as JT is on the slower side to talk, though he communicates quite well. Here are some of the verbal words that JT began saying this month (though they aren't clear as day, we know what he is saying)- Milk, More, Cookie(thanks Christmas!), Red, Blue, Doug, Kitchen, Done, Please, Football, Shoes, Sock,Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and Mine.

     Some of his more charming characteristics is when he is finished eating, he often attempts to unlock and flip off his tray. Many times, JT is successful which is not a welcome site to John and I because that usually involves the remaining food landing on the floor and making a huge mess. What we have focused on was when we saw JT reaching for the tray lock, we will ask him if he is All Done and tell him "No" to the unlocking behavior. He will now most of the time sign All Done and say Done when we see him reaching for his tray lock. A small victory in less mess during meal time.

     JT continues to love cars, trucks, and anything the moves. He vrooms on the couch, chairs, window sills, tables, and bodies. He also loves books so much. Thanks to having 3 big sisters, he has a large library to choose from. When it's nap or bed time, JT is quite specific in choosing the book title of his choice- not what the reader is suggesting. I'm sure it's his way on having control and independence when he is able. He also loves playing with his friends, Noelle and Finn. When they come over to spend the day with us, JT squeals in delight that his friends have arrived!

     Here is a little example of JT's new word of Mine. It's something that I'm sure all toddlers learn and demonstrate. Lindsay was quite the pro at using that word at this age and sometimes on the most bizarre things- the pumpkin guts when we carved Jack O' Lanterns comes to mind :) JT right now is more selective on using Mine- he has told Finn "mine" when Finn was holding a car that apparently JT wanted for himself, and every time Courtney has her pillow pet or soft blanket she received for Christmas, JT says "mine". We are trying our best to teach sharing and taking turns but realize this will be a repeat lesson probably daily for some time.

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