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Friday, January 28, 2011

Out of Space

     I discovered something this week- blogger has a limit on the number/size of photos and videos one can have on their blog.

     When I was uploading some pictures from my last post, I received an message saying something to the effect that my limit had been reached. I thought perhaps it was an error or maybe something new about limits about how much you could post in a single posting.

     When I returned yesterday ready to make a new post, I was surprised to see the same message when I tried to upload more photos. After a bit on research on the interent, I discovered that there is indeed a limit on what blogger stores. Now, I have to pay to have storage of my videos/photos on a yearly basis. The price isn't bad, but there are different levels of storage so I need to figure out what I might need for the next year. Once I make my decision, then it takes blogger 24 hours to update my account so I can once again upload.

So to my blogging friends, just be aware this will someday happen to you- for me it took nearly 2 years, from others I read it only took months. For my reading friends, it will be a few days until you see a new posting from me. See you soon!!!

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