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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Little Reader

JT has grown some much academically since he started school in August. Some of the things he has learned amazes me. The past 6 weeks or so, reading has really been a key focus along with everything else JT's teacher instructs. For homework this week, JT had do to the following:

Much of what JT is reading these days are a combination of sight words they have already mastered and 3 letter words that he knows or can sound out. John and I love to hear JT slowly sound out a work and watch his little face get the "Ah ha!" moment when he says it correctly.

I took a brief video of JT reading his sentences to me. How he responds to the question sentences cracks me up. 

Great job JT!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mystery Dinner Date

Recently, John surprised me with a date night. A guy who always is the best at keeping secrets and arranging special things for our family every now and then.  Where we were headed required a bit of a costume to more fully enjoy the evening, so we found our best flannels, boots and hats and headed out!

This here is the finest cowboy couple in Tennessee. John and I were going to a Murder Mystery Theatre Co. dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The theme was the Old West, so anyone was invited to dress up in that theme.

My photo taking abilities were atrocious that evening or my phone had a bad night. Thinking it was the user. People were dresses up as cowboys, Indians, bank robbers, saloon dancers, and various time period officials. It was a fun atmosphere.

At each table, we had a folder that contained material about the setting and characters. The acting crew would do brief skits where they provided further information about the murder and revealed more about the mystery. 

John was selected to be a character in the mystery- a Detective for hire. So during the investigation period, people in the room would come to him and pay for answers related to the murder or characters. The rules state that you can't lie and you have to take a bribe.

We also got to take some photos prior to our meal that were a part of our dinner package.

My favorite partner in crime.

The mayor of the city- he was awesome!

The guy in the vest was also at our table and the unfortunate murder victim of the mystery. Nobody at our table knew until it happened.

The moments leading up to the murder.

All of the customer characters in the mystery. 

Our booking photo.

If you ever have a chance to go to a murder mystery dinner, I'd highly recommend doing it. John and I had a lot of fun and we had a great group that really got into it, which made the night all the more enjoyable.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Fun at Gentry's Farm

For the 2nd year in a row, John's work had a fall gathering for all of it's local employees at Gentry's Farm. I was looking forward to this weekend since September.

 The entry to the Farm list all of the fun things for everyone to explore while they visit the farm.  All of the farm is decorated in a very "Pinterest-y" feeling- super cute and pulled together, yet totally with a DIY vibe.

 What made the trip to the farm even better was the ENTIRE Apedaile6 crew was home! Sarah was home for a visit during her fall break. Perfect timing!

 Inside the tobacco barn was a hay bale maze with some fun slides and tunnels.

 Twisty slide smiles!

 Even the big kids had fun on the slides!

JT has mastered the super cheesy smiles since starting school. He just wanted to go into the tunnel and I was holding him up.

 Still short enough to be able to walk through.

 On the other hand, the sisters hollered all the way through how bad their knees hurt while crawling through.

Getting ready to pet the goat.

 The corn and wheat play area.

 Not sure why this area is so much fun to play in, but it is! 

 Filling the bottle up over and over again.

 All of the Apedaile6 crew were all having fun playing.

 "Mom, why are you taking so many pictures?"

 Lindsay and her corny smile- ha ha.

 Getting ready to head into the corn maze. I really love this photo of me and the kids.

 The design of the maze this year. I love how much U.S. history is near where we live.

 Starting out on our corn maze adventure! 2 of the 4 Apedaile kids think they can walk through it blind since they were closing their eyes.

 Yummy corn!

 Leader of the pack.

 Some were more sure footed than others. I love these moments capturing the laughter and fun of our family.

 We made it to the end!

 Nature walk along the Harpeth River.

 JT's walking stick for the trail.

 Gentry's Farm is where JT had his first tire swing ride last year and he couldn't wait to get back on.

 As you can see, JT loved every moment of his ride.

 Then, we headed over for our hay ride around the farm.

 This calf had been born only 30 minutes before our ride. The driver said a previous hay ride group was able to witness the birth.

 Random cow licking its face.

 The three houses on the property date back as late as 1859.

 They are still occupied by family members that work the farm.

We finished our activities in the Munchkin Maze.

 A kind stranger offered to take a full family photo, which was sweet. Too bad half of John's face was covered by Courtney's head. It's the thought that counts, right?

Thank you once again, Gentry's Farms! Looking forward to next fall!