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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pumpkin Time

     Since we are working backwards for a while, here is when we had some fun decorating our pumpkins in early October.

 We gathered the pumpkins we chose at Aldi (scored at$2each!),supplies, and covered the table.

 JT was excited to decorate!

 Lindsay and her "warty" pumpkin.

 Courtney already had a vision for her pumpkin with her design pulled up on her phone.

 Courtney started with a purple base.
 JT selecting his paint to get started.

 Lindsay beginning her border.

 JT painting a skeleton.

 He painted a variety of things on his pumpkin. A gun that was converted to the letter F and a black bat.

 I even got in on the action and painted my pumpkin a golden yellow. Later on I added think gray vertical stripes and cute arrowheads. Stinks that I failed to take a photo of my adorable pumpkin aside from this. 

 Sisters will be sisters.

 JT went to the other side of the table to help John paint his pumpkin.

 Our guys painted a 49ers pumpkin.

 Lindsay was very creative and placed a circle of fall leaves surrounding her "L". She painted her initial, but in slacking of doing blogging, I failed to take a photo of the final pumpkin.

JT's finisehd pumpkin- an eyeball, a variety of shapes, people,and monsters. All topped off with a ribbon on the stem.

Courtney's finished pumpkin- only captured because her pumpkin was one that managed not to get soft and gross. I took this photo last night when I started working on this post. I'll get back in the swing of things, promise.

Lindsay also carved this fantastic Frankenstein pumpkin herself. We have some creative and talented kids.

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