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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trunk or Treat

In the days leading up to Halloween, JT was able to go to his first Trunk or Treat. I saw that a local church was holding their event on the Wednesday before Halloween and thought JT would love to have some extra fun and dress up an extra time.

Despite having purchased an Angry Bird Star Wars costume over a month ago, JT switched it up when John had brought home this 49er football outfit. 

As we approached the Trunk or Treat area JT saw the firetrucks at the front of the line with their lights flashing.

JT was given a hat and coloring book.

 He then was able to climb into the drivers seat of the firetruck.

 Then we walked along the line of cars and trucks that were decorated in various designs. Some biblical.

 Or funny/silly like this clown.

 Lessons along the way

This was a simple and fun trunk where the kids had to reach through the corn hole game to grab their candy. So many of the children would get scared to reach into the hole, even though nothing scary happened.

 Another piece of candy!

 I loved this farm scene that ended our Trunk or Treat.

 Back at home JT posing with his first round of goodies.

There were a wide variety of things that JT received- candy, crackers, beef jerky, cookies. I think someone at the church had a hook up with some type of company.

WOW look at all of this stuff!!!

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