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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween- Kindergarten Style

It has been a super crazy busy 3 months for the Apedaile6 crew. Back to school, new job for me, and our usual jam packed fall sports season for the kids. Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but now that volleyball and soccer are finished, my free time is opening up a bit. I'm looking forward to sharing what we have been up to and catching up. I'll be starting with the most recent and posting from what has gone on this fall.

JT's first class room party. Seventeen of the most adorable kindergartner's and Mrs. Bentley ready for a fun Halloween party.

Some of the boys having fun while we were waiting to gather for the school parade.

JT checking out the Elsa in his class who was freezing everyone in the class.

The class headed out to the track where families gathered to watch the entire school march around the track. This is a great tradition at Indian Lake and we loved it! It was the perfect way for everyone to show off their costumes and see all the adorable kiddos.

Mrs. Bentley led her class around the first of 2 laps.

As quick as they arrived, away they went! I'm sure the bitter cold wind helped to make for some motivated students to keep moving.

One of my favorite costumes of the day- Sponge Bob!

Brief video of JT's class marching by.You can hear the wind whipping by in the microphone.It was one of the coldest Halloween's that we have experienced by far.

On lap two, trying to get JT's attention. "Hey buddy, over here!"

Finally spotted us! "Hi Mom and Dad!"

We then came back to the class room for the party. JT was just as happy to see us in the class when he returned.

There were several fun things for the students to do. 

Decorating pumpkins, bats, and ghosts with friends.

JT's sparkly bat.

Pumpkin ghost bowling.

Nice shot JT!

Our family brought some cupcakes for the party. JT helped to put the finishing touches on the cupcakes and placed some Halloween flags on top.

Time to eat! Many sweets to choose from.

As well as some healthy options- mandarin oranges and string cheese. 

JT had a wonderful first school party. It was so fun for John and I to be a part of this fun day.

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