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Monday, December 21, 2015

Rockefeller Center/Top of the Rock

After we got settled we decided our first stop was going to be Rockefeller center and to go to the Top of the Rock. It was a beautiful evening and it was just a short walk from our hotel.

Lindsay spotting one of her first landmarks.

Radio City Music Hall!

Entrance to the building- it's like a mini city inside! 

John and Lindsay ready to explore Rockefeller Plaza while we waited for our time slot to go up to the observation deck.

View of 30 Rock from the plaza.

It was a beautifully mild and breezy evening in Rockefeller Center.

A crew was busy securing the Christmas tree that must have been placed there recently. It was a beauty!

The skating rink is SO much smaller than it appears on the TV or in movies. 

Just noticed that the guy in the lower middle looks like he was about to fall.

Posing in front of the gated off tree.

Headed to the Top of the Rock!

Our view of the Empire State building.

The wind provided some comical moments with my hair.

My bird wings look!

A blurry view of the city facing toward Central Park (dark area on right side)

Seeing this beauty made us all excited to visit it in a few days. (post coming soon)

Sunday, December 20, 2015


For Lindsay's 18th birthday present, we decided to give her the gift of travel. She was able to choose any destination that Southwest flies and we would take her there for a long weekend with just her- no siblings.

I'm sure you can tell where she chose to go based on the title, but Lindsay decided she wanted to head to the Big Apple- New York City! John was working in that area already, so Lindsay and I headed up there on a Friday morning to have some fun.

Lincoln Tunnel

Room with a view! Right in the heart of Times Square 33 stories up.

This would be the perfect spot to watch the ball drop on NYE!

Looking out our window to the street below.

Our view of the Hudson River

One of my favorite secret moments I captured as we walked in Times Square. 

The Disney Store in Times Square even celebrated Lindsay's Birthday and 1st Visit to NYC.

Beautiful sights to see everywhere! I'll be posting more of Lindsay's Birthday Trip.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gentry Farms 2016

Wow- time is flying by this year. I was just popping on to work on some blog posts that I started to create to discover that I never posted this one from back in October! At least memories are being created and experienced if I'm failing to post regularity here.

Our 3rd year to attend the Fall Festival hosted by John's work. Such a fun time every year and we look forward to it.

Many things to explore and do at Gentry Farm

This years corn maze design.

The weather was perfect- sunny, warm, but just the right hint of fall coolness.

JT's favorite activity of the day- the tire swing.

This smile says it all- pure joy!

Tunnels through haystacks

Another favorite spot for all of us-the corn and wheat seed play area. 

Whatever you'd do with sand, you do in these troughs of wheat and corn. Well besides make a sandcastle ;) 

On the "hay" ride around the farm

On the brief nature hike- the Harpeth River in the background. Fun part of the hike was we saw a live snake slithering alongside the trail.

Cool tobacco barn with vintage signs.

Ready to hunt for some pumpkins

This was our big find of the day!

2 cute pumpkins!

As always, we ended up with quite the haul to decorate our home for fall. Looking forward to next year already.