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Monday, April 26, 2010

More and More Each Day

JT is quickly mastering walking. He took his first step less than 3 weeks ago and each and every day he's adding more walk and less crawl. Last night he was walking around in just his polo,onesie, and socks- a little Risky Business like (though I have never seen the movie). I did a video demonstrating his walking skills but blogger wouldn't let me upload that video this morning. So we did Take 2 this evening and success!
I would bet that within the next 2-3 weeks we might have a "just walker" on our hands. Just tonight, JT was able to get from sitting on the ground to standing without going to any wall or furniture for help! He's growing so quick!
Enjoy watching our little mover!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Proof

This is what most of our cabinet baby locks look like. We only bought a few because its been a while since we have had to baby proof, so we wanted to try them out first. We do like them and had the need to get a few more to keep JT out of a few more non-critical food areas. When I went to the store last week, they did not have any of the above locks there so I got something else because quite frankly, JT was driving me a bit crazy with his opening of the cabinets and making a mess :)
Well, in about a day or two, my sweet baby boy had figured out a way to get the new locks off! I couldn't believe it- I thought maybe we were not getting the lock tight enough so I made extra sure it was as tight as possible. It was. Here are some pics and a video showing JT making a mockery of this style of cabinet lock. We will be purchasing more of the first style this week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Styles

Recently 2 of the 4 kids had an update on their hairstyles. For several weeks when it comes to hair, all we have been hearing from Lindsay and Courtney is layers, layers, layers! I guess its a trend of sorts. They were long both overdue for a cut and I decided to take them to my stylist for the 1st time. They are getting older where hair has more importance, my stylist does a great job, and it wasn't much more than if I took them to a walk in shop- so better quality for the same price :)

Lindsay wanted to get some side-swept bangs with some layers for her hair and Courtney wanted her bangs shorter, cleaned up and more noticeable layers than Lindsay. I think both look beautiful with their new styles. Courtney was very happy with her razor cut layers and Lindsay looks, dare I say, older with the side part, bangs, and face framing layers?

The girls also wanted JT to look like a stylin' soon to be toddler, so they updated his look with a baby mohawk. They had a lot of fun giving him a hair raising style and choosing a shirt to fit the look. I think he looks like a cute little troublemaker :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue Bulldogs

Lindsay and Courtney are in a Girls Volleyball Rec League this spring. This is the first time either has played this sport on a team. They have had practice since March and had their first few games over the past 2 weeks.

Last Tuesday, the girls had a double header. They play the best of 5 with rally scoring, which really makes the games go very quick. Their team, The Blue Bulldogs, won both of their matches! The entire team was so excited! Lindsay and Courtney have made some great improvements personally since they started practicing. Most days, they go in the backyard and work on their bumping, setting, and serving. During this game, Courtney had a first- she had her first successful serve! She has been working so hard to get it over the net- she is the smallest on the team :) I know she is just coming into her groove and will have many more in the games to come.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing with Micah

Today JT was able to play with one of his friends, Micah! Micah came over to the house for a few hours while his Mommy went and got even more beautiful at the salon :)

Micah is 8 months old and moving all over the place much like JT! It was great having another baby here who can JT a run for his money- crawling, touching JT's face, and talking back in baby language.

We loved having Micah over for playtime!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Table Food

JT is now old enough where we are trying to give him more "big boy" food on a regular basis. He has enough teeth and has mastered all the stages of baby food. So it's time to start self-feeding and getting familiar with food as he will know it for the rest of his life.

Once of JT's first finger foods was Kix and Cheerios. It is a great tool to help him with his pincer grasp- thumb and index finger grabbing small items-something he has mastered now.

As our menu allows, we serve JT some of our food at dinner. Recently JT had an Apedaile favorite-Taco Shack. We make tacos once every week, I guess as a way of remembering the awesome Mexican food that is from our home state of California, and they are so yummy! JT had some cheese, beans, a bit of plain ground turkey, and some flour tortilla. I think JT had a great time eating his dinner.

Then just this weekend, we had another favorite -pasta. So I cut the pasta into itty bitty pieces and let him have at it. I think we will have a master eater in no time!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

10 Months!

A slight delay in JT's monthly update, sorry! Our ever growing boy turned 10 months on Good Friday- couldn't think of a better way to mark his 1st double digit month :) JT is now about 24 pounds and 29 1/2 inches tall.

John Thomas had a busy month with multiple trips to see Dr. Holzen with ear infections, several medications, shots, and lots of stuff at home to get those ears better! I guess JT needed to be the first to do something in the Apedaile kids at a young age so surgery for ear tubes it was for the little guy! He now gets to have cotton in his ears during bath time, usually not quite this much, but sisters were helping this time:

JT also appears to be the type of child who is going to be a mover and shaker. Unless he's sleeping or drinking his bottle, he is Go, Go, Go! Crawling, cruising, and now beginning to walk everywhere! JT doesn't like to stay put and has many things he needs to explore. There is one thing he will slow down for a few minute for, looking outside our window from our couch. JT loves to stand on the couch and look outside at our front yard and look at the birds, trees, and cars passing by. I think he looks adorable when he's gazing out the window.

With the weather finally warming up this past month, JT has been able to get outside to touch, see, and sometimes taste many different things. He has a great time crawling across the lawn and sometimes just sitting there feeling the grass with his feet and slowly picking at the wildflowers and blades of grass. Fresh eyes exploring his new world!

I am happy to report that JT's drooling has eased up so much that he no longer uses a drool bib! Maybe his wet shirts will be a thing of the past. I think we are not teething until his 1st molars decide to come in- around 12-15 months. So a few months off of teething pain :)

First Steps

This past week, JT has begun to take his first steps!!! An exciting time for all of us. It was difficult to take quality pictures of the first few wobbly steps, but by time the weekend came JT was taking several at a time. He continues to improve each and every day with his steadiness and how far he can walk. Before long, JT will be walking up and down the hall instead of crawling!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Our first Easter as a family of 6 was a blessed one! We celebrated our risen savior Jesus Christ this past weekend. First we worshiped with our church family at Long Hollow. Our pastor talked about the Good Life- how we can't find it in money, fame, or work but ultimately we find the good life in a relationship with Jesus. It's Jesus who brings peace, comfort, wisdom, and happiness to those who seek Him. I know for me personally, my life changed forever when I accepted Christ as my savior and its such a Good Life now and I hope everyone I know (and don't know) comes to know Him :)

At home, we dyed eggs. JT didn't decorate any eggs, but he put his stamp of approval on the eggs before we colored them-he of course put them in his mouth! Ha ha! Everything these days goes straight to the mouth!

On Easter Morning, our friend the Easter Bunny stopped by to drop off some treats for the kids. JT decided that he needed his sleep and got up quite a bit later than the girls did. So we went ahead with the girls knowing this year he wouldn't mind. JT joined us during the egg hunt-sleepy head!

Each of the girls received a little something to decorate their rooms and JT received some things to keep him out of places he shouldn't be :) and some balls that I'm sure John will have fun teaching him how to use. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed spending it with our family!