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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blue Bulldogs

Lindsay and Courtney are in a Girls Volleyball Rec League this spring. This is the first time either has played this sport on a team. They have had practice since March and had their first few games over the past 2 weeks.

Last Tuesday, the girls had a double header. They play the best of 5 with rally scoring, which really makes the games go very quick. Their team, The Blue Bulldogs, won both of their matches! The entire team was so excited! Lindsay and Courtney have made some great improvements personally since they started practicing. Most days, they go in the backyard and work on their bumping, setting, and serving. During this game, Courtney had a first- she had her first successful serve! She has been working so hard to get it over the net- she is the smallest on the team :) I know she is just coming into her groove and will have many more in the games to come.

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