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Monday, April 12, 2010

Table Food

JT is now old enough where we are trying to give him more "big boy" food on a regular basis. He has enough teeth and has mastered all the stages of baby food. So it's time to start self-feeding and getting familiar with food as he will know it for the rest of his life.

Once of JT's first finger foods was Kix and Cheerios. It is a great tool to help him with his pincer grasp- thumb and index finger grabbing small items-something he has mastered now.

As our menu allows, we serve JT some of our food at dinner. Recently JT had an Apedaile favorite-Taco Shack. We make tacos once every week, I guess as a way of remembering the awesome Mexican food that is from our home state of California, and they are so yummy! JT had some cheese, beans, a bit of plain ground turkey, and some flour tortilla. I think JT had a great time eating his dinner.

Then just this weekend, we had another favorite -pasta. So I cut the pasta into itty bitty pieces and let him have at it. I think we will have a master eater in no time!

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