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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Styles

Recently 2 of the 4 kids had an update on their hairstyles. For several weeks when it comes to hair, all we have been hearing from Lindsay and Courtney is layers, layers, layers! I guess its a trend of sorts. They were long both overdue for a cut and I decided to take them to my stylist for the 1st time. They are getting older where hair has more importance, my stylist does a great job, and it wasn't much more than if I took them to a walk in shop- so better quality for the same price :)

Lindsay wanted to get some side-swept bangs with some layers for her hair and Courtney wanted her bangs shorter, cleaned up and more noticeable layers than Lindsay. I think both look beautiful with their new styles. Courtney was very happy with her razor cut layers and Lindsay looks, dare I say, older with the side part, bangs, and face framing layers?

The girls also wanted JT to look like a stylin' soon to be toddler, so they updated his look with a baby mohawk. They had a lot of fun giving him a hair raising style and choosing a shirt to fit the look. I think he looks like a cute little troublemaker :)

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