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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Proof

This is what most of our cabinet baby locks look like. We only bought a few because its been a while since we have had to baby proof, so we wanted to try them out first. We do like them and had the need to get a few more to keep JT out of a few more non-critical food areas. When I went to the store last week, they did not have any of the above locks there so I got something else because quite frankly, JT was driving me a bit crazy with his opening of the cabinets and making a mess :)
Well, in about a day or two, my sweet baby boy had figured out a way to get the new locks off! I couldn't believe it- I thought maybe we were not getting the lock tight enough so I made extra sure it was as tight as possible. It was. Here are some pics and a video showing JT making a mockery of this style of cabinet lock. We will be purchasing more of the first style this week.

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