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Thursday, February 3, 2011


This has been a very long week for John. For the past several months, he has been part of a large project at work that was installed over the weekend. For John, than means many, many hours at work to help oversee any issues that have come up and to help for a smooth transition. On just last Friday and Saturday he worked between 28-30 hours!!!

This week he also moved to work on 2nd shift to be on hand for issues that might need addressing. For our family, that meant that the girls haven't really seen their Daddy all week long. John heads into work a little after 2pm to return home almost 12 hours later while we are sleeping. When the kids get up for their day, John is sleeping. While we are thankful that this is just a short time, the girls really have missed their Dad.

They wanted to do something unique to let him know they love him and offer him some encouragement during his long work week. This is one way they expressed it:


  1. That's so wonderful! You have some very sweet and creative kids. Kudos to you while you hold down the fort, too. It's not easy adjusting to such a crazy work week/month.

    What is your hubby's response to the mirror art?

  2. Cindy- When John got home and saw it, the first thing he said was Wow!!! He loved it so much that it is still up on the mirror, nearly a week later :)