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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


     This seems to be the month where JT's language is making big leaps! It's so exciting to see what new word is going to come out of his mouth each day.  Little did we think that we would be hearing Caillou as one of his new words.

     For those of you not well versed in preschool television, Caillou is a cartoon that is on PBS/Sprout. Sprout is a preschool channel with mainly all PBS shows that we allow JT to watch. For reasons unknown to us, Caillou has quickly become a huge hit with JT. Before this week, JT would request the show by sweetly pointing both hands toward his heart and say a Caw sounding word. It worked as we knew what he was trying to say.

     Then, just a few days ago, JT just started saying Caillou!!! Those toddler ears are always listening and working hard to make new sounds. The way he says it is so sweet that I just had to record it!

     Last night as I was preparing dinner, JT ran into the kitchen holding the remote up to me chanting Caillou, Caillou!!! I was able to grab my phone and record JT saying his new word. Sadly for JT, his charming way with words did not work and Caillou was not turned on. It was nearly dinner, so it wasn't the right time to watch his show. I'm sure sometime today it will be met with better success :)

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