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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Bash

     This weekend we held Sarah's 18th birthday party! We decided to have a fun, big party and not really limit how many people could come. Sarah wanted to have a party where we played a variety of games. We worked together to come up with 3 event rounds where teams would compete against one another.

     For an element of surprise, we purchased t-shirts in 3 different colors and had her friends "draw" their team color as they arrived. The 3 rounds were a scavenger hunt finding different items and descriptions of people or actions that the teams took photos of. The 2nd round was a quiz round that had questions from Movies, General Knowledge, Harry Potter, and Sports (among a few other categories), and lastly we held a Minute to Win It round doing a total of 6 games. Here are some snapshots highlighting the evening.

Picking their team shirts

Kameron, one of Sarah's dear friends could only stop by for a few minutes due to his religious beliefs (Friday is the start of his Sabbath), but it was so sweet of him to stop by considering he now goes to a different school and doesn't live very close. 

The Pink Team- Stefani, Erika, Delaney, and Paige (later on Emily joined this team)

The Blue Team: Austin, Christina, and Doug( and later Chelsea joined when she arrived)

Team Aqua: Scarlett, Sarah, and Lindsay as some friends had to work(Courtney was at the school dance). Missing from this picture is Ariel- not sure where she was hiding :) Later on Sierra joined this team.

After the scavenger hunt, it was time to grub!!! Homemade baked ziti, spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and dinner rolls.

Had to put this shot in of JT- he loved this little balloon Sarah received as a gift and I caught this joyful look on his face as he played with it.

After dinner, the teams took some time to decorate the shirts with colored Sharpies.

Time for the Minute to Win It games: Hanky Panky

The result after 1 minute- Kleenex everywhere!!!
Bobble Head

This was the biggest hit of the games- Nose Pile. Dip your nose in Vaseline, put face into a bowl of cotton balls and then try to transfer cotton ball to empty bowl on the other side of the room. There were some very funny moments. Here it looks like Sarah has cotton snot hanging from her nose!

Emily sporting a cotton Santa beard!

Sticky Situation- lay out a grid of peanut butter bread slices and then have the teams try to bounce their marked balls and stick to the bread.

The finale, per Sarah's request- Cookie. Put a cookie on your forehead and using your face muscles, attempt to work it down your face and into your mouth.

Sarah and Ariel working hard  with Doug just about to win the prize!

Chelsea trying to reach up with her tongue..

Sierra also using the tongue approach.

Courtney back from the dance had success!

All of the girls spent the night and this is just a glance of what it looked like the morning after... bodies everywhere!!!

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