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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Birthday Celebrations!

     Early Feburary is always a busy time for birthday celebrations here as Sarah and John have back to back birthdays. We always say Sarah was the best early birthday gift for John 18 years ago. Being a Daddy, John's birthday has sort of taken a back burner once Sarah arrived to our lives. Nothing wrong with that and to no fault of Sarah, just one of those things that just "happen".

     I was hoping to recongize John's birthday with a present that he will remember and of course love. John had been really wanting to get another dog for our family for some time. Almost 2 years ago, our beloved pug, Turk, had an accident and died. Grief, along with the arrival of JT we thought it would be best to wait a while to get another dog. John had been more than ready for some time, but I was hoping to hold off until warmer weather considering we would have to potty train the pup.

     After talking, we decided that for John's birthday, we would get him his dog! We searched and called and finally found what we thought was going to be the place to choose our pup! John and I headed out with JT and met the breeder to select our new puppy.  We had decided long ago to get another pug and John
decided that he wanted another black male.

     We surprise the girls with John's gift and there were squeals of delight as we presented our new puppy! John is having a very difficult time naming this little guy, so for now we call him Pup, or Dog-Dog as JT would say :) Hopefully the right name will be revealed soon.

 JT wanted to be VERY close to the pup the first night :)

  I had a video of us surprising the girls with John's gift, but blogger being blogger, it doesn't want to upload right now :( I'll try again later and add it here.

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