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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This past Friday, Sarah had a momentual birthday- 18!!! Never again to be a minor, our baby girl is now an adult!!! It's the first time that I have really started to refect upon being "old" or at least getting old!

We had a fun time celebrating Sarah's birthday even though she had school. Her party with many friends is in 2 weeks so there will be more birthday posts in the future.

John and I decorated Sarah's car windows the night before with the same window markers the girls used to write notes on the mirror for John. It was a fun suprise to start Sarah's day!

 Later in the day, it was time to open presents!!! From Nanny- books 3 and 4 from Harry Potter. These were replacement books for Sarah to once again complete her collection. (A friend didn't return these 2 boooks several years ago) Nanny is working on one more present that will be heading here soon.

 Aunt Cathy found great wrap!

 In addition to a DVD, she sent this book: 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know.
I think I'm going to read this book to help ME as we send her off this summer :)

Presents from Mom & Dad

A rare minor meltdown from JT as he really wanted to help unwrap the presents....

Luckily, he has a sweet big sister who doesn't mind sharing the spotlight or unwraping.

Sarah, being our bookworm, what she asked for this birthday were various classic authors books. As seen above, we purchased her 3 Jane Austen books and 2 C.S. Lewis books. Then for her "big" present, Sarah recieved a Kindle. Thinking this will be a great way to bring her love of books with her to college all in a package weighing less than 9 ounces! The Kindle can contain 3,500 books!!!

It just wouldn't be proper to not get a black and white photo :) Sarah isn't a big fan of cake, so instead we made a cheesecake! Yum!!!

Making her big wish!!!

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