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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

20 Months!!!

     JT has reached another milestone- 20 months!!! With the addition of a "2" to his months, makes it all the more real of how close our little man is to turning 2 years old!!! I can't believe how fast this time with JT has gone...

     John Thomas continues to be our all boy daredevil- cars, trucks, balls, and climbing anything physically possible for him is what makes up of most of his days. He does still have a great love for having books read to him, so that makes for great calm and quiet moments.

     JT won't go to the Dr for his well check until he is 2, so I don't have official stats, but it looks like he is quickly approaching the 30 pound mark weight wise and his pants aren't nearly as long on his legs as they were at the beginning of the season. JT's speech continues to improve and he is starting to mock many of our words that we speak. I am hopeful this is the beginning of his language explosion- I'm so looking forward to being able to understand his verbal words and hearing those precious "toddler jargon" words. Though I'm eager, I treasure the simplicity in such things as JT signing and saying "More" and "Milk" along with the occasional "NaNa"(banana) or "Cookie" that he requests.

     Here are some pictures of JT over the past month. Looking forward to the warmth that Spring will soon bring to my outdoor loving boy!

Love this pic Sarah took of our messy milk faced boy!

JT always finds the most unique places to play.

Cars, Cars, Cars!!!

Love those big hazel green eyes!

All wrapped up in a cozy blanket...

Having some indoor fun sliding on the wood floor with Courtney!

Looking so cute in Daddy's winter beanie hat.

I love this! This is how JT does his "prayer hands". He still names us all as we pray and finishes the prayer with  "men" (Amen) and claps very happily.

Bad/Good of being an early teether- 2 year molars coming in already! These have been by far the most painful and slow teeth to come in. Most of this month JT has his entire hand shoved in his mouth trying to relieve the pain. Poor little guy :(

He still manages to flash his sweet smile in spite of the pain...

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