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Saturday, September 20, 2014


     Some of you have probably noticed that the blog has taken a bit of a backseat in the past nearly two months. It's not without a good reason (or two). Though a vast majority of our blog readers know, I'm finally taking some time to share.

This photo sums it up. In early August, I was filling out a W-4 for my new employer. I am no longer working from home caring for little ones, but rather, I am out among with all of the majority of adults and once again working outside of the home.

My new job at Inspired Homes, a real estate firm, is in one word, wonderful. Though my title is Executive Assistant, a simple explanation of duties is Office Manager and Marketing Assistant. I do a little bit of everything, aside for buying and selling homes ;) I have learned so much in my short time there and I'm looking forward to my future. If you/d like, checkout Inspired Homes Facebook page here-be sure to "Like" it. You can also look at the Inspired Homes website HERE- I'll be working on the website more soon and I'll let you know when it's been updated.

My first day of work!

Me and my work space- this is where some amazing stuff happens!

Not one, but two computer screens! It really makes life much easier when working with multiple programs.

Behind me sits another desk where the owner/broker of Inspired Homes works. All of those files you see are active clients we are working with. 

I now even have my own business cards! It's the little pleasures in life that make me happy.

So as you can imagine, working during the day and then coming home to do the Mommy/Wife thing has really cut into my blogging time. That, combined with Courtney who is playing her high school volleyball season with games 2-3 nights a week and JT who has soccer practice 2 times a week, my nights are VERY full. This is also John's heavy start up season, he has been on travel for work every week since school started/I started my new job. It's by God's grace that we are all surviving and making everything run smoothly.