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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kicking off Soccer with JT

    It's soccer season here for JT. He is very excited to get back on the field. Here are some shots from his first practice.

We practice in early evening, so beautiful sunsets often greet us when we arrive.

All decked out and ready to play. JT is the most excited about his new cleats. He loves his orange and black print and shows them off to anyone who will listen.

Love his expressions as he dribbles the ball.

Pausing for the perfect shot.

A little time out to listen to coach. Soccer balls makes for the perfect seat.
Cone drills

Slow and methodical, JT is still tying to master using his left foot.

Did I mention it was still pretty hot outside?

Nothing like a good game of freeze tag.

No matter how JT was moving when tagged, he would always freeze like this- mouth open and all.

Love that happy face.

Important to stay hydrated.

Time for a little scrimmage.

Post practice wrap up.

Get those stinky cleats off!

Headband hair!!!

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