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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lip Sync Part 3

The big week finally arrived- Our Small Group girls performed their Lip Sync on Sunday! Due to some conflicts and Fall Break, our orginal date was pushed back a few times.

With my friend and co-teacher, Erin suggesting different songs, the girls decided to perform " I Heard it Though the Grapvine" by CCR. I really liked the song since it speaks to my roots from the central valley of California, which is raisin capital of the world! This song was used in commericals back in the late 80's to promote California Rasins, so I remember this song from those promos.

A few weeks ago we had a practice at my house to help the girls figure out how they wanted to perform, what to wear,etc. Basically it was a fun night with about 10-12 girls, including my girls. They all really bonded, laughed, ate, behaved silly, which is the true purpose of this lip sync challenge.

Come performance day, we only had 4 of our regular 8 or so girls come. Some had some commitments planned already and some others who couldn't make it for other reasons. I was really proud of those who came becuase they had to perform their 1 minute skit in front of the entire Middle School ministry group, which is easily 200 6th-8th graders. That takes some bravery because I remember all too well Middle School and I wouldn't go back for the world of me. Great job girls!

We went first, which I think was good since we didn't know who/what we were going up against. Turned out to be a good thing becuase the winning group had the youngest son of our Pastor. That is pretty stiff competition as he is well liked and performed his legs off dancing like crazy. Regardless of the outcome, we felt like our girls were winners!

Our lead singer, Annabelle, and fellow rasin, Kristina

The performing group: Shelby, Annabelle, Kristina, and Monica
Their performance...

UPDATE!!! I have figured out how to post the "Office" video on youtube and then provide the link on here for you all to see. This is what the girls did when they practiced at my house a few weeks ago. Thanks to Sarah for creating this funny video!

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