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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Caroline

On Monday, we had a special visitor come to the house- Caroline. She is the youngest daughter of our friends, Anna and Roger. Caroline is 6 months older than JT and we have joked around the house that she is his future girlfriend. JT has some tough competition with that in there were many boys being born last year that are friends of Anna and Roger. Regardless of silly talk like this, I know these two cuties will be good friends.

Caroline had not visited here for a while, so she was a little quiet at first. Nothing like breaking the ice over a good sippy cup of milk.

After the milk, JT and Caroline had loads of fun during the day! Here are some highlights...

JT showed Caroline his love of cars, trucks, and anything that moves with wheels.

They also played some basketball.

JT also showed Caroline his favorite spot in the house- looking outside from his view on the couch. They had many giggles over a stubborn fly that was refusing to just accept its fall and leave us alone.

They also managed a quick game of peek a boo on the chairs.

This was such a sweet moment. Caroline came up to JT and gave him a big hug. I know the picture is blurry, but I had to grab my phone to snap this pic before the hug ended. I love JT's smile here :)
Caroline is such a smart little girl, she was able to learn the sign "more" while here and would call JT by name when she wanted him to do something with her. I hope these two will be able to play again very soon.

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