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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pink Panther

     At the beginning of this school year Courtney began playing the clarinet. She quickly picked up on how to play it and in a matter of a few months, was making some great music for a beginner. I'd like to think my musical talents have passed along to her being I played the violin/viola for all of junior and high school along with a few years in elementary school :) Nevertheless, Courtney has great musical talent.

     When the students first started playing their instruments, the band director said that who ever was able to play the Pink Panther successfully would earn $10. It was up to the student to locate the music on their own and practice during their own time and not during class. That incentive was all Courtney needed to do her best to be that student.

     After playing about a month, Courtney started searching for the Pink Panther music. We couldn't find it in the local music stores, but she Googled Pink Panther clarinet and she found a boy around her age who had recorded himself playing. At the end of his song, he recorded the sheet music for the song- Score! It begun the months of practicing, fine tuning, and perfecting the Pink Panther song.

     A few weeks ago, Courtney was indeed the 1st student to successfully play the Pink Panther song in front of her class. Her band director rewarded her hard work with the $10 he promised. Here is Courtney performing  the song here at home.

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