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Monday, March 14, 2011

21 Months!

     One month closer to turning 2! This weekend we had a wonderfully warm day, so I was able to do a little photo shoot of JT throwing rocks while John practiced volleyball with the girls.

     Our little man has had a rough month with a nasty sinus infection followed up with a kidney infection. This was the first weekend where JT wasn't on medicine and feeling 100%. It was a welcome relief for us all. Since we have gone to the Dr this month, we know that JT has reached 30 pounds! I can feel every pound when I carry his little self up the stairs every day :) Not sure how tall he is, but I think he is on the taller side of normal.

     JT's speech continues to blossom much like the spring weather.He jabbers most of the day, some of which I am clueless as to what exactly he is saying but he continues his commentary regardless of my understanding. He now has some distinct sounds for his sister's names- Lindsay is the easiest to understand- Wee Wee,  Sarah- Rare-ra  and Courtney-Kikki (trying to sound it out best I can!)    . Though for some time he has called them "Girls!!!" When they are upstairs and he wants them, he will cup his hand around his mouth and shout Girls!!! Girls!!! Hoping to get their attention and have one of them join him.

For the first time, JT will now request something besides milk- we are now hearing juice (Juuuuu) more often as a request.

Excited response to throwing his rock...

JT was asking Where did the car go? I love how he does his little arms when he is curious about where something went.
I wonder why my windows are always dirty? Silly face :)

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