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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Peanuts Style Snowmen

It's been a very cold winter here in Tennessee. Blessed by the "arctic vortex" as it's been called by meteorologists, we've suffered through long spells of cold. Despite having the perfect temperatures for snow, we've received little more than a few dustings so far. So that means we use our imaginations to bring some winter indoors!

Our material for the day.

The kids and I talked about what they would be making and I showed them a few photos to get them going. After that, it was up to the artist to create whatever they wanted.

Ella finding the perfect spot for her snowman's head.
Mason placing his carrot nose. Don't worry, it's supposed to be that large. You'll see in just a moment.

Ella stoping for a second to pose for me.

JT decided to have his nose up a bit higher on the head.

Time to get our snowmen dressed!

Scarves will be perfect!

They then added stripes to the scaves.

Some had tight patterns, while others had more space between their lines.

Group shot!

Lastly, came the smiles. The q-tip was the perfect tool for the dots to make the smiles big and small.

Focused on making a friendly snowman.

JT admiring Ella at work. He's a charmer, I tell ya.

Happy snowman looking to the skies!

This is how  I could best describe the style of this craft-Peanuts style.

Final product of the snowmen(horrible lighting-sorry). Adorable take on a classic craft.

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