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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love you to pieces

Today is Valentine's Day and we decided to make some art for our families to show our love.

I prepared the paper and the boys started gluing. JT had a friend over for some playtime and he joined in on the fun.

After starting with the glue stick, JT asked to use the liquid glue for the outline.

Even Ella applied her own glue!

The kids then took pieces of construction paper and filled their hearts up.

Ella carefully placed each piece of paper in her design.

Our youngest friend, Parker, wanted to make this for his family.

He had a blast flinging paper everywhere and patting his pieces to the heart.

JT decided to add some wings to the top of his heart. I guess his love is flying high;)

Snapping a photo of all 4 kids proved to be a challenge. I managed to get all 4 with their eyes closed/looking down.

This was the best result  with everyone looking at the camera. They love their families to pieces. 

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