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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Rings

     Our family has been enjoy the Winter Olympics the past week and a half. Most evenings after dinner, we have cheered on Team USA through the various events. JT has even embraced the spirit and been very enthuastic when we watch. Loud screams of "Go USA!!!" and even knowing to watch the lower corner of the screen to see "what number" the U.S. Flag was currently in after an athlete made their run.

     I decided to use this once in every 2 years event into one of our art projects.

     Any guess what we might be making? I told JT we would be making the Olympic Rings for art and we had a discussion and a near argument if it was rings or straight lines as JT insisted.

Time to do a quick Google search to end the discussion. Though we weren't making replicas, I wanted to embrace the ring aspect. JT finally agreed and we moved on to the creating.

We used toilet paper rolls for the rings and we had each of the Olympic colors represented.

JT started off with a liner design with green.

Ella started with yellow and was a bit more random in her placement.

Mason wanted red and made close lines of circles.

Then it got more abstract with the layering of colors and rings.

Ella enjoyed adding more rings.

Mason had a knack for placing his rings right on top of each other.

Olympic Pride.

Go Team USA Sochi 2014!!!

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