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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Epic Beard

     It's been just over 2 months since my last post- crazy! A laptop that kicked the bucket along with a move to a new house all aided in my hiatus. What John and I like to call #firstworldproblems.
    I'm happy to say that I should be posting much more regularly and hopefully getting back keeping you all updated on the Apedaile6. I'm still trying to figure out how to work in Windows 8 land and I have a bazillion photos to sort, so be patient.
     I'm starting out with some major news in our house- John's beard! The past several years John has had some fun that usually starts with "No Shave November". This year, he extended the no shave by a good 5 1/2 months. It helped when he worked extensively in Columbus, Ohio most of this winter. Apparently spring has officially come to stat and John announced last night it was time for the beard to go.

Here is what his beard looked like last night. Despite the "no shave" he did in fact shave a bit underneath on his neck otherwise I think his beard would have been even longer and more dense. In fact for the first 3 months John regularly trimmed his beard.
What was fun to witness was just how many comments the beard  received over the months, more so when it reached epic status. "Man, I love your beard!"  "That thing is killer" "My wife would never let me grow that!" were among some of the top phrases. Also many references to Duck Dynasty were heard- Quack, quack.


John started out with cutting several sections off the sides of his long beard.

No turning back now!

I see a face under all of that hair!
He then took the clippers to get much closer before using the razor. I call this look 1/2 beard.
After both of the sides were trimmed. When John showed the kids before doing the final trim they just said, "No Dad, No!" I think he looked like he belonged in a gang or something.
The final result- back to being a goatee man. John commented that he should have at least smiled a bit for me ;) He was happy with the result though it does feel and look a lot different!
Before and after side by side. Do you have a preference? I think its fun for John to have some fun with his facial hair and I'm sure we will see the return of the epic beard this winter.

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