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Thursday, April 24, 2014


    In true Easter tradition, we all gathered at the dining table to dye some eggs. All of the family was eggcited ;) to get their fingers messy and make some beautiful designs.

John helped prepare all of the dye cups. We decided to use lemon juice for traditional colors and vinegar for vibrant.

As I was getting all of the supplies out, JT took a photo of me. Good job, buddy!

JT started by using the egg dippers but quickly converted to the fingers option.

Courtney used some thick rubber bands to create stripes on her egg.

Lindsay thinking about making an ombre effect.

Using his fingers is clearly more fun, right?

The classic "Dad" egg.

We also had a few paints, sponges, stencils, and mini brushes.

Sarah was so excited to be looking at something besides her nursing textbooks.

With me being more involved with the dying of eggs, my photo taking skills were lacking for this activity.

I called this creation of Courtney's the palm tree egg. I loved it!

Lindsay combined the stripes and bunny sponge stamp. Adorable!

Not all creations turn out the way we expected.

Sometimes the disappointment can bring us to tears. Poor little guy. I don't even remember what exactly went wrong here, but it was devastating for a moment or two.

As quick as the tears started, they stopped. By the way it took a good two days for they dye to wash completely off.

My favorite technique was the marble. The photo doesn't do it justice- it was very cool looking. The trick to this effect is to add a few tablespoons of vegetable oil to the dye. Then just roll the egg around to get the marble look. I did this in two different colors and it was my favorite.
With getting back to my blogging I have to get back into the proper groove of taking photos. I failed to take any group shots of all of the eggs and clearly missed a few photo opportunities of a few family members. Good news is that I have all of the photos I need in my memory bank from our fun night together :)

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