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Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Celebration

     On Easter Morning, the Apedaile6 kids were all happy to see that the Easter Bunny had visited.

4 baskets all in a row. Arranged youngest to oldest.

JT quickly found one of his gifts- Mr. Bubbles, a character from Angry Birds. This is a stuffed animal that has a noise button that makes the soaring "weee" sound he usually makes during the game.

JT was also excited to get a new board game- Hi Ho Cherry O!

Courtney was very excited to see this item in her basket.

Very, very excited. I love her expression!

None other than her favorite band One Direction DVD.

More happy faces! What could this be?

Insurgent! Courtney had been asking for this book for weeks.

Lindsay started off with a new kite. She has been mentioning how much she was wanting a new kite. So the Easter Bunny spoke to her inner child and brought a Cinderella kite.

Awwww...yes! That is what this face is saying.

A double pack of yoga pants! Our poor girl was the only female in the house without a proper yoga pant. She has been suffering for some time as you might imagine. Well, more like borrowing Mom and sisters when they let her;)

The last "kid" and her basket. When exactly does the Easter Bunny stop delivering baskets? When they are married or on their own?

An adorable chevron bag for our busy nursing student.

Also in the basket were several books Sarah will get to enjoy during her summer break. Not much time right now for pleasure reading.

One of the good photos from the kids during their official egg hunt. I'll get back in the swing of taking photos, I promise. Each child had their own special design of egg and could only find their designated eggs.

Most of the eggs held candies for each person to add to their basket. Though in a few there was a bit of money to be found. When JT found this dollar bill and quarter he declared, "My first green money!" He was very excited!

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